“Diet better than statins?”

A member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme sent me it yesterday…

Quoting Professor Giovanni de Gaetano: 

‘First of all doctors should consider diet before drugs.

^^^ Huge statement, right?

They found that those who ate mainly along Mediterranean lines were 37% less likely to die during the study than those who were furthest from this dietary pattern, after adjusting for age, sex, class, exercise and other habits.

And by Mediterranean diet, we mean:

Lean meats, red wine, coffee, fish, olive oil, fruits, olive oil, veggies and more olive oil (along with pasta and cereals, obviously).

^^^ and regarding the Mediterranen diet and pasta…isn’t it interesting that spaghetti / pasta / wheat based dishes are all FIRST courses in Italy, with the second course being a meat and veg based dish?

Which brings me back to the point of the email sent from one of the members of my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme (Sarah)….

She mentioned that they pretty much eat everything.

They don’t restrict foods.

And don’t practice EXTREME ‘all or nothing’ approaches to nutrition.

Which is something that Sarah once struggled with.

Juice diets (Cambridge)

Aloe Vera diet

^^^ to name a few.

And as Sarah mentioned to me herself, it come down to wanting a ‘quick fix’.


Than the knowledge to learn the exact types and amounts of foods that work for her.

^^^ Which may mean high(er) fat or even high(er) carbs at times.

I mean, one study in 2013 (in Appetite Journal) showed that nutritional knowledge was associated with a ‘Mediterranen style’ diet

And that the more knowledge someone had about nutrition, the less likely they were to be fat…

Now, am I saying that everyone should follow a Mediterranean diet?


We all have our different food likes.

Job / home responsibilities

And genetics…

Which can impact this.


1) No longer restricting food groups (for no reason) so you are less likely to be deficient in nutrients and less likely to binge eat (and pile the weight back on)

2) Having more knowledge about how different types and amounts of foods make you look and feel so you can enjoy your favourite foods and not be the one at the family party who ‘can’t eat this’ and ‘can’t eat that’ because you’re on a diet…

Suggests that following a Mediterranean style diet is probably a good place to start.

Few can argue with more veggies, fruits, lean meats, fish, olive oil…


Your favourite…


You’ll probably feel more full and satisfied so you’ll stop binging and feel in CONTROL (something most diets don’t consider)

Have more energy so you can exercise more.

And stress less about ‘ruining the diet’ when you’re supposed to be enjoying a meal and a few drinks with your friends and family

^^^ As was the case with Sarah (and myself…)

Speak soon,

Matt ‘feeling Romesick’ Fruci

PS. It’s Friday, yes. But, this isn’t the green light for a bottle of red, Sambuca, and a few Limonchellos…

PPS. If you want to learn more about diet and cholesterol, go here: https://frucifit.com/4-foods-lower-cholesterol/

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