Places To Eat In Wiltshire: Ganges Indian

You’re probably fed up of turkey by now.

And if you are

I might have an idea for you.

You see, I’ll admit that I’m a creature of habit.

I find a nice curry house and I stick to it

But just the other week

Me and Mrs Fruci stepped RIGHT outside of our comfort zone…

We went to a different curry house (ballsy move, I know)

And it goes by the name of Ganges in Wootten Bassett (Now known as ‘Royal’ Wootten Bassett)

Ever been there?

The plan was for Mrs Fruci to have spicy curry to get the baby moving along nicely…

The problem was that Mrs Fruci only usually goes for Korma

^^^ Which in my opinion isn’t actually a curry.


As we strolled in from the crisp outside

We were greeted with a big smile

And that spicy, yet sweet aroma which I can never seem to reproduce with my homemade curry

^^^ Despite the copious amounts of cumin, turmeric garam masala, coriander, onions and chillis I use

There was me scanning the menu for the dishes with 3+ chilli ratings next to them

And then there was Mrs Fruci once again being tempted by a sweet, coconut dish (which sounded lovely by the way)

We both went very traditional…

I opted for the Chicken Jalfrezi (and asked for extra chillies)

^^^ Which has now overtaken the masala as Britains favourite curry

And was greeted by a bright, earthy dish.

I began to eat: ‘it’s not that spicy’

* 30 seconds later *

‘Ohhh yep, it’s quite spicy’ 

^^^ as the extra chillies made me a bit ouchy in the mouthy (why is it that I love the feeling of really spicy food?)

Mixed in with – my favourite side – bhindi bhaji and curried veggies…

It was joyous!

The wife opted for the ‘pulse-pounding’… Chicken Tikka Masala (a step above Korma, for sure)

And to push ‘baby’ along even more…

Mrs Fruci put a little bit of the tantalising Jalfrezi on her plate to dip the sweet-tasting Peshawari Naan in

BUT still…’baby’ didn’t arrive in the curry house…

And then for the pudding…

The cream immediately melted on my taste buds

Instantly taking the spice away

It softly lingered on my taste buds

I cherished the magical moment (not ‘baby’…the ice cream)

And then….

the chocolate walked through the door

declaring that it’s presence be felt with a rich and creamy knockout blow

I think you get the point 😉

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it

Service: Caring, always asking if we need anything else and how the curry was. Cater for gluten free and allergies

Price: As you would expect for a curry house (standard dish around £7)

So, unless you’ve overdone the turkey curry over the last few days…

Here’s one to try for you!

Best wishes,


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