Do you need to join a gym to ditch the love handles?

To ditch the love handles and get a flat stomach?

The short answer…

No, you don’t. 

Because your body is the most incredible machine out there. 

In fact, it allows you work your stomach muscles by working pretty much every other muscle in your body.

And my favourite part?

It’s with you everywhere you go…

^^^ Meaning you have no excuses because there’s no need to get changed, get in the car, park up, put your clothes in your locker etc….

and we forget just how simple it is to get fitter and stronger in today’s ‘cluttered’ world

I mean, I do personally use a gym.

But I probably use about 25% of the equipment they have

Because much of it is ‘fluff’

Or ‘chewing gum’ (as the father-in-law says referring to Made In Chelsea…)

You don’t need it. 

And you probably feel like you ‘don’t have the time’ for it, right?

Or feel intimidated. 

Worry that everyone is watching you doing it incorrectly.

So, to get you started, try these simple moves:

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off then move on to next exercise (repeat for 4 rounds)

1) Push ups on the kitchen side or wall

2) Get up and down from a chair (squat)

3) High knees whilst punching up in the air

^^^ Don’t tell me you don’t have 5 minutes in your day 😉

So, you’re now blowing…

You’ve activated some of the biggest muscles in your body (which is great for your metabolism and muscle tone)

And doing this in a way that allows you to feel the muscle will not only help you get that lean look

But will also mean you’re not wasting hours in a gym

Aimlessly playing on the machine, doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome (AKA insanity)

And this is exactly why I created Female Fat Loss Mastery for you

You’re in and out in 45 minutes in Female Fat Loss Mastery.

^^^ This includes me rambling on about something food related (although sometimes this can be baby, Eastenders or Made In Chelsea related…)

Miss the workout?

Not a problem. The 5 minute workout is posted up in the Female Fat Loss Mastery Inner Circle group 

So you can do the exercise at your own pace when suits you, doing as many rounds as you like

After all, it’s YOU vs YOU (it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing)

Progress is progress (Cassie is now touching her toes and doing more push ups than ever…dropping kgs in the process)


The key part in all of this?

Having the freedom to eat the foods and meals that you enjoy

Rather than fearing ‘bad’ foods. 

Feeling the pain of deprivation 

So you can enjoy your food again, ditch the love handles and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

Just like Billy has (without going to the gym…OK, I lied. She went once and hated it so decided to train using her body weight!)

Want to learn how?

Apply here:


PS. if you’re fed up of turkey sandwiches…tune in tomorrow as you may find this helpful 😉

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