Was your struggle real in 2016?

By far the biggest lesson I learned in 2016?

That the goalposts ALWAYS move. 

There’s no finish line.

There will always be struggles

And in fact…

Most successes will start with struggles

Which is why you have to embrace it. 

Because the highs that follow will knock the socks off of what you’ve achieved in the past.

But we always say we’ll be ‘happy when…’ this happens

‘happy when…’ that happens

‘I’ll start when…’ that’s finished 

And before you know it…

You’ve done nothing. 

I’ve had my most successful year working with members on my Body Transformation programmes

Helping more people to lose weight, tone up, throw away their baggy clothes, and feel more confident than I ever have done before

Getting better results, more fat loss, and helping empower members to be more in control and develop more positive relationships with food in the process

Yet, I’m still not ‘happy’.

Why not?

I mean, I should be.

But I want to keep moving forwards

So, I’ll be doing the following task (and I recommend this for you, too):

1) Look back over the past 12 months and see how you have moved forwards.

2) What were your ‘wins’, even the small ones?

3) What challenges did you overcome, including your family life, work, body, mind?

You might not be where you want to be right now.

I get that.

But looking back is a great way to re-frame things and set you up for a positive start to 2017.

And building your confidence and knowing that YOU CAN feel more confident about yourself in 2017 is one of the first steps we go through in my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme

Matt ‘raring to go’ Fruci

PS. Have a lovely evening!

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