Places To Eat In Swindon: The Weighbridge Brewhouse

I was out for a celebratory meal this weekend to celebrate my brother getting engaged to his girlfriend (or should I say fiancé?).

We ended up going to the Weighbridge Brewhouse near the Outlet Village in Swindon.

I'd been once before, but only for lunch <<< which I really enjoyed (I had salmon that day).

But, it's safe to say that the evening is something else.

In the words of my wife: "I feel like I'm on holiday".

There was a live band playing (eating my "melt in mouth" fillet of ostrich to the music from the M & S advert was something special)...

A nice, spacious bar with plenty of staff looking to help and serve you (red wine, in my case)


So, let's move on to the meal itself.

I went for fillet of ostrich, which came with a sauce of sun dried tomatoes, bacon lardons and himeji mushrooms, flamed with Madeira wine (yes, more wine) and finished with cream, serve on wilted spinach and Lyonnaise potatoes.

^^^ And this was all served with carrots, cauliflower cheese, cabbage and buttery potato slices!

Safe to say, I was full and satisfied after my meal alone

(let alone have some venison, wild boar, and kangaroo that my wife couldn't finish...I'm not complaining, though)

The sauce was rich, creamy (very filling)...and delicious!

The Ostrich was cooked perfectly for me (pink in the middle).

The best part, though?

Probably the venison, wild boar, and kangaroo I tried from the wife's dinner.

"Melt in mouth" moment!

And I was so full, I declined another glass of red...

Food (based on what I ate):

Now, I didn't go for a sweet.

But, they looked amazing!

That said, the cheese board looked eve more amazing (try before you buy type thing...allowing you to pick the 5 cheeses, crackers and grapes you want).

Overall, I'd highly recommend it for a real treat or special occasion if you're looking for a place to eat in Swindon.

You really do get value (quality of food, service, and ambiance)

Most main meals were about £25 each and considering the portion sizes, quality of food, and the fact that when I eat out elsewhere I need a starter (and it adds up to about that anyway), this was great value!

Have you been there before?

For me, it's now on the "guaranteed 'no stress' place to impress friends and family" list.

Have you been there before?

What was your experience like?​

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