And only 50% use it…

So, it's increased by 10-fold over the past 10 years, yet used by only 50% of those that have them.

Here's some of the answers I got:

- pushchairs

- food allergies (very interesting answer and one for another day)

- Toys and boardgames (I'm sure there's a few collecting dust from Christmas)

- and someone got it....vinyl music

Apart from this being great news for the music industry and Sound Knowledge (a vinyl shop on Marlborough High Street), you're probably wondering what this has do with anything about losing body fat and getting summer lean?

Well, it just so happens that these stats also apply to us and our goal of getting lean and staying lean!

More people than ever now have a gym / health club membership (it increased by 44% last year) and / or have tried a diet in the past year (50% of us).

YET, just under 50% of gym members actually use the gym regularly (2-3 times per week).

So why are we not going?

* You're alone -

You have no plan and are left to your own devices (the cookie-cutter induction you get is nearly as useful and fun as watching 'Barney')

* You're bored -

Most gyms have the same equipment and you don't have a plan that is process-based (meaning you enjoy it) that's leading to a desired end result (a flat stomach)

* You're busy and don't have time -

We're told that we have to exercise for a certain amount of time when, in fact, the best workout in the world is the one you didn't do it. Start slowly. It could be sitting up and down from a chair whilst waiting for tea to'll be surprised.

* You feel self-conscious -

This is actually VERY common. Remember that NO ONE is actually looking at you. Most people are too worried about you looking at them. But the thing to remember is that exercise, weight loss, getting lean and toning up can actually increase your self-esteem and 'feel good' hormones! So don't let anyone else stop you achieving what you want!

* I can't get motivated -

Start small. This could be going for a walk, doing some squats up and down from a chair, punching with tins of baked beans in your hand...whatever. Doing something will build good habits. Try pairing it with something you already do, like brushing your teeth. Now, every time you brush your teeth, you now have to drink a glass of water and do some squats for 30 seconds. You've now built 2 heathy habits into your day! And this could lead to big big differences long-term.

^^^ In fact, a client of mine (her names Zoe by the way) on my Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme lost weight JUST by switching her tea and coffee choices for different types (that she actually prefers!).

Speak soon,


PS. If you want to find out more about my Lean For Life Fat Loss programme then go here:

PPS. I've got a good method to boost your confidence which I'll share with you tomorrow!

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