Places to eat in Marlborough: 100 Chai Street

Now, not only does Marlborough boast the second widest high street in Britain

It also boasts a quirky Indian tearoom that we finally got around to trying it

^^^ We just didn’t have the time before. We had a lot of procrastinating and looking after our 13 week old baby to do 😉

100 Chai Street, it’s called

Have you ever been?

It was date day for me, boss (AKA the wife) and our little daughter, Ottilie last week

And on the itinerary was ‘lunch sat outside somewhere’

^^^ Talk about making SMART goals all specific, ay?

So, going with the flow

We actually gravitated (wow that was a big word…) to the usual ASK and Prezzo (as I do like them)

But were pleasantly distracted by a passionate man describing the ingredient of every dish he served

And explaining how it was made…the spices…aroma…and that you probably should NOT sniff the garam masala as it you may sneeze

^^^ ‘I thought it was my hayfever….’

And given that I was brought to this earth to find the best coffee in town

and get tempted every time I walk past 100 Chai Street by the crema on top of their coffee…

^^^ I swear it winked at me once…honestly.

We decided to tick off  ‘lunch sat outside somewhere’ from the wife’s ‘to do list’ at 100 Chai Street

And before I even talk about the food

Our 13 week old daughter slept the whole time we were there

which is a sign of a calming and welcoming restaurant…

^^^ according to the latest research in the British Rule Book Of How To Bring Up Your Baby: The Step By Step Process that Every Parent HAS To Follow  😉

So, the starters….

Well, we’d actually not long had a Sunday fry up (guilty)

So we started with some beloved Coffee!

Now, it’s an Indian TEAROOM

and they had some awesome looking teas

From Assam Cha Garam to Cutting Chai …

But, I’m a coffee man

So I started chatting to the lovely couple who run 100 Chai Street, Sudip and Aarti

Sudip was as passionate about tea as I am about my coffee

And even said that he doesn’t do anything special with his coffees

But everyone seems to love them

And love them…I did!

Just check out the Crema on the coffees I had

And – me being me- I even put their decaf to the test

Or as Sudip called it in the large looking glass he served it in…

A Hot Irish Guiness 🙂

Anyway, on to our mains!

Now, there was chicken curry’s, lamb curry’s, East meets West Sunday Fry Up’s (one to try next time) and more


We opted for the Amritsari Fish Fry

Flaky and moist cod fried in their spiced up batter

A batter which was gluten-free

^^^ So even the most awkward of customers (me) was delighted!

As they used chickpea and rice flour (which Aarti explained to me)

Sudip served our food

Again, describing every detail (as he did with the others) of the meal

What was homemade and what was not

It was a great personal touch

Amazing flavours and Eastern twists on traditional foods

And if you’re looking to get plenty of different colours on your plates

Their salads looked amazing, too!

As did their rainbow rice and veggie crackers

^^^ Yes, I did find myself looking at everyone else’s food the whole time 🙂

So many choices…

I the words of Arnie…

‘I’ll be back’

Have you ever tried it?

If not, maybe something to do on Bank Holiday Monday for you 🙂

Best wishes,

Matt ‘Former Chief Coffee Consultant at Nasa’ Fruci

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