I get fat eating salad?

‘Hippety hop and hippety hay,

One little bunny hopped away.’

Easter is over…

and not only is my 3 month old daughter thinking that I should change the bunny-themed nursery rhyme I keep playing to her

You’re probably thinking that you need to hit the salad for a few days after a few days where chocolate was (nearly) allowable for breakfast

^^^ ‘but it’s Easter, mummy’ as one kid put it to a mum on my body transformation programme last week

But no so fast…

Because what if I told you that I’ve been GAINING weight by eating salads?

Just to show you that JUST eating ‘healthily’ (whatever that means)


the curious case of ‘watching what I eat’ (I watched myself eat coconut Lindt chocolate the other week, too)

doesn’t meant you’ll ditch your love handles and fit back into your favourite clothes.

In fact, it’s far from the truth

Not because your any different


Because your ‘metabolism is slow’

You see, this is the salad I had:

Mackerel, creme fraiche, Nocellerra olives (try them…yum), 2 boiled eggs, an avocado, walnuts, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and some olive oil dressing

It was sooooo good, full of nutrients, low in carbs and drowning in ‘healthy fats’

But what if I told you that this salad had the same calories as:
* 5 bags of Minstrels

*1 and a 1/4 Easter eggs

* A Big Mac Meal with a Medium sized coca cola

* A chicken Jalfrezi with rice, naan and a glass of wine

* Fish and chips from the chip shop

Now, of course, you might say that the salad has more ‘nutrition’ so is ‘better for you’

And I get that.

I actually would rather see you get your food from wholesome, nutritious foods…

80% of the time!

That said, what if DEPRIVING yourself of the odd takeaway from the chip shop or your curry house

Meant you binged at the weekend?

Felt guilty?

Felt like a failure?

Fell into that ‘I’ll start again on Monday’…undoing all of the great work you did in the week?

Made you think you were different?

COULD saying that you CAN have the Indian takeaway and still stay on track help you?

Because what if I told you that one of the biggest indicators of your health… is the size of your waistline?

For Type 2 diabetes, strokes, heart disease…

What if the gurus who say ‘healthy foods don’t make you fat’ were wrong?

What if you CAN eat the foods you and your family love and still lose weight?

What if you don’t have to eat differently from your kids?

Well, I’ll be revealing all at the FREE live event I’m speaking at on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club

So, if you want the blueprint to how Cassie lost 2.5 stone and how Julie has now lost a stone (even with going on holiday, eating Cream teas and enjoying ice cream before the seagulls steals it…I’ll share Julie’s story with you soon)

Register here:


And join us in the war against fad diets

Matt ‘Central Intelligence Agent for flexible diets you can stick to’ Fruci

PS. Together, we can win this fight:


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