Heard about the war on cake?

You’re going to love me today

It’s Easter Sunday

And you’re probably going to be tucking into some chocolate eggs, bunny ears and / or cake

So, what I’m about to say may excite you (a little bit more than you already are)

Have you seen Cake Wars?

It’s a reality show on ITV where bakers bake cakes according to a weekly theme

From Sesame Street to jelly belly (no, not that kind of jelly belly)

and – yes – this show is American

So automatically

It has the biggest cakes

The most dramatic music that has the hairs on your neck standing tall

And the token cringey victory speeches

Why I’m bringing this up?

Because a member on my body transformation programme just last week mentioned how she used to feel GUILTY for having a piece of cake…

At her son’s birthday party…

It would make her feel like she’d failed (because it was a ‘bad’ food)

So she’s think ‘F it, I’ll just start again on Monday…”

And all because she believed in a REGIME of ‘good eating’

Of ‘this is good and this is bad’

Until – of course – she learned the TRUTH about ditching the jelly belly once and for all (without having to give up your favourite foods or feel guilty for having your kid’s birthday cake…)

And lost 3kg in 3 weeks…

Even with some cake!

As she no longer sees this as a ‘treat’

It’s no longer a big deal

If she wants cake, she can have cake

As long as she sticks to the ONE fundamental principle that will NEVER change when it comes to losing fat and fitting back into your favourite clothes…

Which I show you here:


So you can avoid the pitfalls

^^^ Yes, this includes having to give up all your bread and even white pasta….

That keep making tripping you up

Ready to separate the facts from the fiction and:


Overcome The 7 Biggest Weight Loss Myths And Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back Without Spending Hours In A Gym Or Giving Up Your Favourite Foods 


Register for my FREE live seminar in Marlborough here:


Matt ‘spreading peace’ Fruci

PS. If you’re thinking that ‘it wouldn’t work for me’

Well, you’re just like the rest of the members smashing it on my body transformation programme​​​

Because – ultimately – you might have to do something different, to get the results you want

It’s not easy…

but I do make it super simple for you:


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