Boosting Your Confidence, Cambridge, and Pina Coladas In Marbella…

It's not easy, is it?

If achieving the body you wanted (whilst looking after your family, working...and if you're lucky...looking after number one) was as easy as the 'airbrushed' celebs say...

Then we'd all be sipping Pina Coladas in Marbella...

The truth is, it isn't 'easy'.

To lose unwanted body fat and get toned without piling the weight back on does take some commitment.

But the hardest part?


^^^ It's just a set of beliefs and assumptions so powerful that your behaviour conforms to them.

But beliefs are just thoughts you've known for so long that you believe it's true.

A bit like how we used to believe that breakfast is 'the most important meal of the day' and that the Cambridge, Paleo or Atkins diet will get everyone lean and toned.

You see, when I worked with my first ever client (about 7 years ago) I just didn't get why some people did everything I asked and others didn't.

But I now get it...

Staying confident and positive when things are getting too much isn't easy.

When you're trying to change your eating habits

Trying to commit to exercising

All whilst trying to look after your family, work, and - if you're lucky - have a bit of "me" time.

It get's too much and we think "what's the point?".

Well here's how to remember that 'point' and take control....


Stop thinking about the future so much...

Because you'll forget how far you've come (exactly what I did with my first ever client...I was so fixated on getting them that flat stomach that I didn't even acknowledge the habits they'd already built and the weight they'd already dropped).

^^^ Which is crazy, right?

So, my task for you:

Look back at January, February, March and April so far this year and:

* Write down what you've done and accomplished

^^^ this could be home life, family, work, relationships, diet, exercise etc.

This exercise can give you just the CONFIDENCE BOOST you need!

Speak soon,


PS. Don't forget to take some time to look after number one (you)

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