A NEAT way to lose weight and get lean…

We're often reliant on picking up what 'worked' last time by going back to Slimming World or on Cambridge (despite putting the weight back on in some cases).

Now, it's no secret that "crash diets" can slow our metabolism down and mean that we burn less calories at rest.

But is this really the only reason why we struggle to lose weight and keep it off?

Not quite.

A big factor in this is something call NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis if you speak Latin...)

^^^ this refers to the calories you burn from fidgeting, cleaning, walking to work, using the stairs instead of the lift, looking after kids, shopping, typing on a laptop etc.

So essentially, it's the calories you burn outside of eating, sleeping, and organised exercise (like the gym or running).

And it's NEAT that can often explain why we can't lose weight even though we're eating like a pigeon and giving up all of our favourite foods.

Because crash diets and chronic undereating decreases our NEAT <<< it makes us move less.

We opt for the lift instead of the stairs.

Drive to the shops instead of walking.

Stop twitching our leg whilst sitting down (or doing pelvic floor exercises in the case of one of my clients)

Some research has even shown that the difference between an overweight twin and a lean twin is their "fidgeting" habits.

One is always on his feet and can't sit still and the other is quite happy to sit there and play computer games...

So, NEAT might just explain that gradual weight gain

(something a client of mine recently talked about as she's gone back to work where she sits at a desk all day now her son is in nursery...).

And this is exactly why I structure in days (and weeks in some cases) where clients on my Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme eat MORE and actually "exercise" less (especially around the premenstrual phase).

Speak tomorrow (we're nearly at the end of the week...),

Matt "taking the stairs" Fruci

PS. My wife says I talk too much, but at least now I can say I'm just increasing my NEAT!

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