People pleasing and worthless addictions

So last week, the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme had their benchmark week 😃 a chance to see they their fitness has improve and a chance to focus on  ‘you vs you’…

rather than you vs anyone else or maybe worse, you vs someone who you think you should be to please others 🤔🤔
And on the topic of pleasing others, I wrote a blog recently about being selfish to be selfless…
looking after you first rather than “people pleasing”…

I know this seems odd, but people pleasing can almost be a worthless addiction.

An addiction because it gives temporary satisfaction, but worthless because it just distracts you from what you REALLY want to do and maybe know you should be doing instead.

The results?

You might start to resent the people who ask you do stuff, maybe even blaming them.

When in fact, is it really that we just resent our inability to say “no” and do what WE want to do?

This is on my mind because for the first time pretty much ever… I  – EVENTUALLY – said no to speaking at an event for a secondary school few weeks ago.

I was actually looking after my daughter, Ottilie, that day but said I could arrange childcare.

I didn’t want to chase around family asking for them to look after Ottilie and just felt obliged to say ‘yes’ even though it was actually daddy daughter day…🤔

 it was almost like I felt bad for letting them down because they asked but didn’t actually consider what I wanted to do at all, it was so automatic that it was quite scary.

Do you ever feel like this?

It’s scary because it almost puts you in a LOSE LOSE situation. 

You say ‘yes’ to everything to please others (which gives you a WORTHLESS high) but then feel rubbish because you feel like you have no time for you…

You say ‘no’ but then you feel bad for letting others down.

I think it’s quite powerful to be conscious of what we do sometimes to see where our energy is going, especially if it is indirectly making you resent loves ones, family and friends…

I know for a fact that when I haven’t put myself first / done something for me to start my day, be it exercise (even for 5 mins) or reading a chapter of a book, I can be a bit short and sensitive to the smallest things, like Mrs Fruci asking me what we’re doing for dinner haha or responding to emails…

I only say this because I work with many ladies who’ve been putting everyone else first (and rightly so) for so long in their life, with kids, work etc. that they often blame themselves for not being able to stick to a rigid, cookie cutter diet plan…

Which is why – and I’m just be totally honest with you here – I focus on personalising your nutrition and fitness plans for your lifestyle so you can do it even on your worst, most stressful, busiest day…

And the results speak for themselves (check them out here).

And if you feel that you want to see what a more personalised approach to nutrition and fitness can do for you?

You can apply for a free 7-day on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme by clicking the link below:

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PS. got this message from Lisa just last week who’s been using my personalised approach to nutrition and fitness:

“I’ve bought some more new clothes and really can’t believe it is me wearing them!  I look slim and healthy 😊😊”​​​​​

If you think this might be for you, go here: FREE 7-Day Trial​​​​​​​​​​
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