Should you just ‘listen to your body’ to beat hunger?

“If I’m not hungry should I eat?”

“If I’m hungry should I eat?”

^^^ 2 question I get which gets both my brains fighting with each other (yes, the other voice inside of me has a brain, too)

So, I’m going to simplify this with 4 Points:

1) When trying to lose weight, your hunger hormones are likely to go higher – especially in the first few months – which means that highER calorie foods will be more tempting because they will APPEAR more pleasurable than normal

TIP: Choose highER protein foods like meats, eggs, beans, lentils, dairy, yoghurt etc.

2) If you ‘listen to your body’ whilst walking along the high street, past coffee shops selling Almond Cherry slices whilst the smell of sausage rolls  and freshly baked bread in the supermarket wafts up your nostrils…you’re going to have a pretty difficult time losing weight.

TIP: chew gum, have some water with you, and maybe an apple so you’re not staving when shopping or around temptations

3) If you’re NOT hungry but think that you should eat because ‘I usually eat at this time...” question whether you really need it? Is this actually why you’ve struggled to lose weight and keep it off in the past (habitual eating)?

TIP: consider that things like sleep, stress at work, mood, and the weather could impact when you’re hungry. IF you’re trying to lose weight and you are not hungry? Have something light or leave it for now. Chances are, a social situation will make up for that at the weekend

4) If you ‘just listen to your body’, does this mean that everything you do is just based on how you ‘feel’ at that moment in time?

I bet you’re thinking: “Matt, what the F are you  talking about”…so here me out:

If I listen to my body after a $#*! day,  I can ‘listen’ harder to certain thoughts and end up rationalising EATING the peanut butter at 11pm because

“it has healthy fats in and I deserve it as I’ve had a long day”

My point?

I can only know what is truly working and rationale for me if I separate the facts from my feelings. Simply because my feelings are there to make me ‘feel’ better or worse about the FACTS <<< which actually dictate whether you lose weight or not…

Which is why my accountability system we use in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme helps you see where exactly you need to improve and question:

“What would happen if you just did what you said you would do regardless of how you felt about it?”

Wow…I’ve gone a bit serious today, so here’s a ‘dad joke’ to finish off:

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

Great food, no atmosphere.

And speaking of atmosphere, I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t get the same support and accountability anywhere else to help you lose weight, get fit and fit back into your favourite clothes.

If you want to try my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme for free?

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