#1 exercise to drop a few clothes sizes (don’t worry, it’s not burpees

“I actually found it quite easy.”

^^^ this is what one of the ladies who’s just recently started on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme said to me the other day.

She was surprised. And almost questioned whether ‘it was working’ because she wasn’t dripping with sweat and just left ‘feeling better for it’.

So, why is it that finding it ‘easy’ and actually wanting to ‘do more’ helps you lose weight and actually keep it off long term?

3 reasons:

1) You’re less likely to leave the session and reward yourself with food (exercising alone is a poor way to lose weight as you never burn as many calories as you think you do)

2) You’ll actually leave with MORE energy that you had, meaning that you’ll probably end up walking more and moving more (which is actually a key factor in weight loss AKA the calories you burn outside of your exercise session)

3) You no longer HATE the thought of exercise and – dare I say it – it becomes a part of daily routine (and it then becomes a habit and something you no longer have to use up all of your willpower for to do…)

And on that note, here’s what Fit For Life Body Transformation member said last week:

“You’ve also managed to achieve, what I’ve tried for so long to do, and that’s incorporate fitness into every day, which to outsiders probably sounds odd, after all there’s 24 hours in a day but you’ve now had an insight into what that can be like. So thanks really appreciate this.

^^^ Referring to how travelling around the UK with work, late meetings, and being given food make this weight loss, fitness and toning up stuff even more difficult. 

And this bit made me laugh:

“It’s also surprising the affect of knowing ‘big brother’ is watching.👀

Because I’ll be honest, one of the main things that most of the ladies come to me needing?

Motivation and support to do the things they ALREADY KNOW they need to do to slim down and get back into the dress they want to wear this summer.

I’ll be honest, I probably won’t teach out anything you don’t already know. I’ll probably simplify it for you so you can stop being overwhelmed with all the conflicting diet advice out there…

But – really – its the support and accountability to kickstart your results so they become habits that you can keep up for life. 

So, basically, this isn’t a short term diet thing. This is a way of eating and fitness programme that is personalised for you so you can stick to it and do it for life.

I can’t say you’ll feel EXACTLY the same. Maybe it will take longer for you.  I don’t know. And I can’t make a promise as you have to be willing to change, too.

But what I can say is that the ladies I’m working with will tell you that they have no special willpower.

And – honestly – I’ve been taken back by some of the messages I’m receiving right now.

If you want to trial my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme and learn more about this, ​​​​​​​​​​​​ go here:

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Speak soon,


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