Panzone: Peanut Butter Healthy Pancake Recipe

So, Mrs Fruci decided to make the pancakes I recently shared with you for our daughter

But with a twist.

you see, I think Mrs Fruci was worried that Ottilie was starting to become a Daddy’s girl (in my personal opinion)

So she went one better.

Filling the middle with blended mango. It was delicious. And I admitted this whilst biting my tongue so hard to hold in my jealously.

It looked like a sweet calzone...

So how could I go one better than Mrs Fruci?

Well, it was staring at me in the face all along.

I walked over to the cupboard in the kitchen.

"Where are you going? What are you doing?" My nearly 1 year old yelled to me in baby language (or French? She has started learning French...)

"I'm off to get...

The peanut butter" I victoriously replied (muhahahahaha)

You see, I like to use the Healthy Meal Maker with the ladies using my SHIFT Personal Training and Nutrition System’ 

It helps you balance the nutrients to beat hunger, stay full, Tone Up and - dare I say it - enjoy food!

You can eat whatever you want using this system without counting points or syns.. or weighing foods...

And the Peanut Butter 'Panzone' is Healthy Meal Maker approved (just like any food is as it's what you do on average that counts)

Anyway, here’s what happened when I introduced my daughter to the Peanut Butter Panzone 

^^^ the panzone is now scientifically proven to make you smile 

Matt “daddy 1 Mummy 0” Fruci

PS. Not a fan of peanut butter?

No problem.

This January I'm on a mission to help as many Ladies as possible stick to their New Year Resolutions

and to do this?

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