What they never tell you about eating meat

I’m doing a talk for newly diagnosed patients with Type 2 diabetes at Eldene Health Centre in Swindon today on lifestyle, healthy eating, medication and exercise habits.

And with Christmas been and gone and healthy New Years resolutions started…

I’m excited to hear about some of the latest diets people are trying or have seen on the internet. 

You see, you’re only told about the fancy stuff…glorified with ‘sensational’ headlines…like:

‘Eating meat is as bad as smoking’

And you’re never told about the studies that find…well…not much, at all.

Where in 17611 people…

Eating neither white meat, red meat, or processed meat were associated with… death

Now, of course…

This doesn’t mean that you can’t overdo it

and the chances are…

You (and me) probably over did the meat over Christmas 

^^^ But if you’re going to overdo one thing at Christmas…meat probably isn’t the worst thing to do it with!

I mean, you probably CAN eat too much meat.

But defining exactly what ‘too much’ is?

Pretty much pointless, in my opinion.


Because meat contains protein is one of the most filling foods you can eat so you’ll probably naturally stop when you are full up 

^^^ potentially meaning you eat less of the other stuff… ;-)))

Plus, overloading you with ‘how much is too much’ is the EXACT thing that’s probably stressing you out and stopping you from starting

Stopping you from losing your first few inches from your waistline…

Stopping you from losing your first few lbs of unwanted fat 

And stopping you from dumping your old clothes

Just like Cassie did recently, reflecting on how she’s now 4 stone lighter just from small, simple changes (all whilst ‘sipping’ her wine…)

How has has she done so well?

By being empowered to build her own healthy eating plan

That gives you the freedom to eat the foods you enjoy (whether you eat meat, gluten, dairy, vegetarian, vegan…)

^^^ my Vegan Shape Up Shift book is out soon too (I’m not a vegan but some of the ladies I work with are so they’ve kept me on my toes…)

And still shrink the waistline and dump the old, baggy clothes

WITHOUT spending hours on a treadmill

^^^ Yes, some workouts are as little as 5 minutes…

Which means you stick to it 

And the best diet in the world?

Yes…the one you can do (without really knowing you’re doing it…)

Matt ‘getting meat sweats’ Fruci

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