Caught pinching food from my daughters plate…

Did you hear about the flight attendant who got suspended for taking bites out of food that was meant for passengers?

It's put me off plane food even more.

But then it got me thinking how the flight attendant eating some plane food meant for passengers isn't as weird as it seems.

You see, both me and you are wired to eat.

And it shows that - even me - someone who's meant to have this eating stuff nailed down, struggles to resist the urge to finish what my daughter leaves on her plate. 

So how do I overcome this?

3 things:

1) Pretend a loved one is watching your every move -

Would you finish the pack of biscuits / crisps and cheese if you were with your loved ones? Kids? 

They say your kids are your biggest teachers. So, if my daughter grows up picking leftover food...I wonder where she got that from 😉

2) Only eat when you're sat down - simple but just try it. And every time you don't? Drinks are on you. Message your friend / other half. Keep score and whoever wins? Buys the coffee 😉 It could be the best diet you've ever been on...

3) Karen's magic trick - this one is from Shape Up Shift member, Karen. Basically, you put daily liquid over the leftovers straight away...Waist it or Waste it, as they say....and this, I guess, goes with only leaving the table until EVERYONE has finished. 

It'll slow you down and help your hunger hormones tell you that you're full up 🙂

That's it for today.

Matt 'picker' Fruci

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