Motivation & Willpower Without It Being A Pain In The Arse…

So it’s been 2 weeks since I invested in this video editing software and course to level up our home workout videos for the ladies in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme…

And I STILL have not even opened it…

Literally, pi55ed off at myself..

I even put a time in my diary

 (just like I tell the ladies struggling to find time for themselves, be it to plan a nice meal from our nutrition system or fit in a 5 minute workout)

But the best thing about this?

It’s reinforced what I already know…

That is:

How powerful a plan, routine and accountability are in getting us humans to do the things we know we need to do more often than we are right now…


Without someone kicking me (politely) up the bum?

 I find it easy to put it off..

Do something else.

Mainly because it’s ‘new’ and a bit scary. I have to sit down and figure it out..all on my own. Without anyone giving me the support or kick up the bum I sometimes need…

and for this reason?

I’ve levelled up our Fit For Life Accountability system for the ladies…

With reminders, tips and simple 5 minute tasks to do throughout each day to improve your fitness, get more energy, boost your motivation and take control of those ‘picking’ habits…

Here’s what one of the ladies said:

“Your messages have had me in fits of laughter with the quirky comments and facts but also have provided some REALLY timely reminders without being a ‘pain in the arse’ to actually do”

after all, the only way you’ll get the results you want is by finding a way to do the things you know you need to do even when motivation is low…

That’s why if there’s one thing you take from today…

it’s that DOING destroys anxiety, but only 110% of the time…


You can’t think your way out of a situation…your brain always wants to be right. So if you ask yourself:

“will I be able to do this?”

I can guarantee that you’ll think of 100 reasons why you can’t…

Flip this..

And ask:

‘How can I do it?”

And you’ll find an imperfect solution which when done constantly?

Will get you the results you want, be it with your motivation, fitting back into your favourite clothes or just feeling like you have your energy and buzz about you..

as I said, if you need a kick up the bum (in a polite way), just click below and I’ll send over your first task for you:

Matt ‘off to edit some videos’ Fruci

PS. Get my 6 principles to help you think differently, get motivated and lose weight in my book for FREE: Shift: Simple Guide Helping Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back:


Or grab a hard copy of my book on Amazon here:

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