DNA Diets and Making Yourself Immune…

So one of my jobs today is to buy some presents for the youngsters in the Fruci family (we have a Christmas present swap over evening coming up)

Bit of a minefield with all the choice of toys and books these days..

A bit like this diet and fitness stuff which – come January – will be bombarding us with ‘New Year Diets’…as they always do.

With the latest crazes

Predicted to be​​ butter in your coffee to burn more fat (which has actually been around for a while), ​​​​vegan snacks and jerky, more automated meals delivered to you, AND…

DNA diets…

But how do you make yourself immune to these latest crazes?​​

The thing is, no matter what your goal is, be it developing a more positive relationship with food, losing stomach fat and fitting back into your favourite clothes, or want to feel like you again and be healthy and fit…

“Overall, lifestyle modifications—including healthy diet and physical activity—remain the key to success in weight control, irrespective of an individual’s genetic profile.”​​​

^^ A quote from a study looking at DNA testing for losing weight

Now, in my opinion, I think DNA testing will probably be pretty helpful in the future..

(not just for Jeremy Kyle)​​

But right now? Even an $8 million study didn’t find any link between genes and diets, with those put on a low fat or low carb diet based on their genetics showing NO difference…

Plus, what do you actually do with this information they give you?

Let’s say it gives you this ‘personalised report’ that says to eat more veggies, fruits, exercise more and a bit more protein

​​(so you lower your calories)

Well, I’m guessing you knew that already, right?

It’s why I prefer to focus on the stuff that really gets you transformational results and back into your old jeans (rather than your genes…)​​​​

I mean, the biggest struggle Is see about this healthy eating and weight loss stuff is staying consistent, motivated and keeping the weight off, right?

unfortunately, it looks like ​DNA companies are literally feeding off people’s hope that there’s something wrong with their body…

When actually, more support, a plan and some accountability to put some habits in place is the real secret…

My advice for you?

Don’t try and do everything at once.

​​If you’re thinking about exercising but wondering how to fit it in?

just set your first task to get up 5 minutes earlier and have a coffee. No exercise, ​​just get up a bit earlier.

Day 2, get up 5 minutes earlier and do 10 squats..

Day 3, ​​​​get up 5 minutes earlier and do 20 squats..

You see, we so often fail because we don’t plan for the logistics of this healthy eating and weight loss stuff.


The time it takes to get a bag ready, go to where you need to go, have a shower, get your food in, cook a meal etc.

But thankfully, you don’t have to do it all at one to see results..

You just have to be a little better each day 

And even if you have $#*! day…I can guarantee that the stress that you give yourself about it is worse that the mince pies themselves 😉

​​don’t sweat it, your body doesn’t judge you over a day. ​

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