Overwhelmed With Health and Weight Loss Info? Quick Question For You

Ever just get up, look at all the things you have to do and think “where the F do I start?”

Well, congratulations if you do. Because that would mean you’re in the small minority that write stuff down. 

Now, writing things down has been shown to help you become aware of what you need to do. Prioritise what’s important (rather than procrastinating and finding other seemingly important things to do like washing the inside of the microwave…as I did yesterday haha)

But at the same time, writing stuff down can make things even more overwhelming.  

And actually put you off even starting. Especially if you just use a ‘to do’ list rather than actually schedule it.

But the funny part is that a bit of ink on a piece of paper CANNOT overwhelm you…

Only your thoughts about these things can overwhelm you. Which are made up…based on what you “think” might happen in the future based on what you perceive happened in the past…

We’re animals built for survival. We like to think worst case scenario.

It does have its benefits though. 

It saves us from getting eaten by lions after all.  

But, I get that with work, never ending emails, a lack of time, never ending to do lists, pressure from family relying on you to do everything, that it seems like there’s no point and that you just don’t have enough time.

Which is why I want to ask you this question:

If you had 15 minutes on 3 days this week, what would you do to improve your health, fitness and lose some weight?

Answer this question and start there.

It doesn’t have to be this all or nothing, start again next week, “last supper “ , F it mindset…

Get some wins under you belt, build some confidence, start seeing results and then worry about the rest..

After all, you’ll have plenty more worries and questions in the next, so what’s the point in waiting until you have more?

The best part? Worrying about doing something will only make it harder to start…

Matt “Half assed is better than no assed” Fruci

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