Be a copy cat (It’s not cheating and Julie won’t mind)

So I’m guest lecturing at Oxford Brookes University on Friday on…nutrition (surprise, surprise) and – perhaps more importantly – how to get people to do the things they know they need to do but still don’t do…

Now, I must admit, I don’t normally condone cheating…

But technically, I am a cheat.

And I’m not talking about the time I wrote my times tables on the inside of my hand at school…

I’m talking about how one of the biggest reason I’m able to do this?

Is because I’ve CHOSEN to work with some of the highest performing coaches myself to get ME to do the things I know I need to do, be it with my health, body, mindset or work..

You can either call me a hypocrite or…honest?

See, without knowing what and how others are DOING it (not what they’re saying but what they are DOING)

You’re blind.

So what?

So this:

If you don’t know what’s working, and how to implement it in your lifestyle, you’ll seriously struggle to get the transformational results that you want.

I’m not saying it’s impossible.

I’m saying you’ll struggle.

And chances are,

You’ll end up taking 10 times longer than someone who has a clear picture of everything that goes behind a body and mind transformation.

As the saying goes:

“Model someone who’s achieved the results you want. Success leave clues”

Now, of course, we are all different. But the principles to this health, fitness and weight loss stuff don’t change.

Sure, the TACTICS have to be adapted to your lifestyle (food preferences, work / life balance, relationship with food)

But the PRINCIPLES aka SELF CARE, calories, exercise, nutrition, water…are the same!

They are the foundations of not just successful fat loss, but also developing a positive relationship with food, loving yourself, energy, and better health.

In other words:

To succeed, don’t try to forge the path on your own – simply repeat what works.

And you know what?

That’s why both myself and the ladies using our programme have just THREE things to score themselves on:

* Food – healthy food, nourishing your body, and total intake…

* Fitness – are you moving enough? Creating energy? Changing state?

* Focus – when was the last time you did something fun…for you? Took 5 minutes out?

Just like Julie has done in her weekly check ins…

Here’s what she said after looking back after achieving several milestones:

We flicked back thro’ the measurements; I was shocked as never looked at this before.  I still CANNOT believe it & actually got a piece of string, to see what this looked like now, compared to before, no wonder I’ve absolutely no trousers that fit!
  • arm = 1″
  • waist = 5″
  • hips = 5″
  • thigh = 2″

Well done, Julie!

And if you’re wondering how you could ‘fit’ all this in?

You could start by scoring yourself on the “Lose Weight Without Willpower” Scorecard below:

The Lose Weight Without Willpower Scorecard

Give yourself ONE point for each thing you do, reply back with your score, AND what you are going to do improve this week.

Matt ‘willPOWER’ Fruci

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