Cooking and Nutrition Workshop With STFC

Another successful youth team cooking and nutrition workshop with STFC.

The foundations of a LONG-TERM successful nutritional strategy, be it for weight loss or performance, is education.

If you don't know the "why" it simply won't last.

You'll be reliant on a cookie-cutter "meal-plan" that Kate Middleton used to shed her post-baby weight...

If you don't have the tools to understand exactly "why" and "how" it works you can't adapt the strategy for when you hit those stubborn fat loss periods.

You also can't adapt it to your lifestyle >>>

Your working pattern, your hobbies, your social life and your favourite foods (yep, chocolate included).

^^^ And if you don't do this, then it's only a matter of time before you give in to those so-called "bad" foods and think you failed...

Get the basics right and do them very well...consistently...

And you might just find that those so-called "bad" foods might not be so bad!

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