6 reasons why nothing ever changes for you (and me)

I can’t help noticing how I try to rationalise my ‘self sabotaging’ and ‘procrastinating’ thoughts

Like, I know my stuff with nutrition

So you’d think that I’d do everything 100%

But the fact I’m in amongst it so much almost gives me an EXCUSE to rationalise thoughts that going to derail my progress…

Yet, make me feel ‘good’ in the short-term.

Just last week

My daughter wasn’t settling too well in the evening

So I found myself wondering around the kitchen

“am I hungry?”

“Should I eat something?”

And I could feel myself trying to justify my actions based on some ‘scientific’ reason that seems legit

“yes, I should probably eat a bit more cheese and have a glass of Gold Top milk because this gives me slow releasing protein to keep me full and help me sleep”

^^^ Technically correct..

.but do I need it? NO!

Had I maxed out my intake for the day? Yes.

Was I actually ‘hungry’? NO. I had literally finished my dinner an hour ago

Was I just passing a bit of time waiting for my daughter to head off to sleep whilst listening to white noise? Yes…

And it just shows how your thoughts (which are often based on your – often- bias beliefs) impact your actions

Which -ultimately – stops you doing the things you need to do to get the things you say you want with your quality of sleep, energy levels, relationships, mood and your body

And this brings me nicely on to the 36 reasons why nothing ever changes:

1) You’re waiting for permission –

Be it support from a family member

Or news that recent research has found the ‘best’ diet that will solve everything

Which reminds me of those DNA diets…

Right now?

Far too premature in my honest (and humble) opinion

In the future?

Probably, yes!

Bottom line?

The ‘best’ diet is the one you do

Which is why I make things super simple for you with my nutrition system

So there’s almost no excuses not to do it

And it’s actually hard to fail


in the words of one member:

“I was actually p!$$3d off that I didn’t have an excuse”

2) You’re waiting for the absence of risk –

Rather than focussing on what the cost of NOT doing it is?

In terms of your energy, sleep, body, mindset, health, work, relationships and – dare I say it – happiness

3) The ‘perfect’ moment –

We all know this doesn’t exist




Half terms

Summer holidays

If there was a ‘perfect’ time…

You’d be opening the leftover bubbly from New Years Eve celebrating the achievement of that New Years Resolution you set again this year….

4) More confidence so “I’m not the fattest there’

This is what came up in a strategy meeting with a member last week.

She was scared that she was too unfit and too fat to start

and I get it

You think that others will be ‘better’ than you

But just like the ladies in Fat Loss Mastery will tell you…

the best things to do is to start!

Because it gets easier

and before you know it…

You might be doing your first ever push up, too

and I know what you’re thinking.

“I could never do a push up”

But guess what?

they said that, too!

5) You to go first…

6) More motivation –

What if I told you that you didn’t have to be motivated to start?

In fact, just the other day I found myself trying to justify skipping my workout

So I made a promise to myself (and this is something I do the with ladies in Fat Loss Mastery)

Try it for just 3 minutes…

If – after 3 minutes – you still feel like skipping your exercise that day


At worst…

You’ve done 3 minutes more than yesterday 🙂

And this is what Female Fat Loss Mastery is all about

Small, manageable steps that don’t mean you have to give up your favourite foods, eat separately from your family, or worry about being ‘too unfit and too fat’ to start

Because progress is progress

and before you know it

You’ll be supercharging your energy levels, ditching your reliance on caffeine to play ‘superhero’ (not that you have to give up coffee…I am NOT saying that ;-)) and fitting back into your favourite clothes…

All without the ‘three stone good, four stone better’ mentality that just makes you beat yourself up, self sabotage your hard work and pile the weight back.

If this is for you…

and you’re ready to level up once and for all

go here:


Matt ‘full of excuses’ Fruci

PS. Bonus reason why nothing ever changes…

7) You’re waiting to have enough Cafe Nero stamps on your loyalty card for a freebie without losing it…

Something I’ve never been able to do :-((((


here’s the link:


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