Is Organic Food Better For You?

Aldi have hit the news a bit recently regarding the banning of certain pesticides and their pro organic push

Claiming to be going against the status quo with their approach

^^^ refreshing to hear, right? 

And there’s more good news

As this years Christmas dinner is believed to be cheaper than last year with supermarkets battling it out

^^^ Heston over at Waitrose is unveiling an eye-catching bacon and banana trifle (hhhmmmmm). Tempted?

Did you know the overall cost of a Christmas meal has dropped 10.9% since 2009?

Mainly thanks to the Germans…Aldi and Lidl!


Back to the banning of pesticides and the pro organic push by Aldi (who I believe are looking to bring such measures to the UK soon)…

Will this help you lose weight?

Will this give you better tasting food?

Will this be better for the environment?

Will this be better for your health?


Will this be better for your wallet?

I recently went over the evidence for you here:

Happy Monday

Matt ‘still on the fence’ Fruci

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