#1 reason exercise isn’t helping you lose weight

Exercise is GRRREEEEAAATTT for you 

^^^ My impression of Frosty the Tiger

Your feel good endorphins are getting you excited about life

You feel more alive

It helps tone you up (particularly if you have the resistance exercise in there. And I don’t mean weights. There is so much strength work you can do with your body weight…as the ladies in Female Fat Loss Mastery are finding out!)

And it may even help you control your hunger levels by reducing how hungry you are and taking your mind off of food!

^^^ unless you are in a gym, of course. Ironically, these seem to be full of vending machines, Mars bars and Lucozades to ‘fuel’ you and remind you to EAT again!

And that is essentially the #1 reason why exercise might not be helping you ditch the stomach fat and shrink your waistline…

Not because exercise doesn’t work (because it actually does)

But because you overestimate how many calories you burn from it and ‘reward’ yourself accordingly 

You see, your FitBit, iPhone or treadmill might say you’ve burned 500 calories from a workout 

But a recent research paper actually showed that it may be more like 100-200 calories that you have burnt

With the error perhaps due to sharp increases in your heart rate during exercise. 

^^^ Suggesting that you’ve burnt more calories.

And more error coming from the fact your metabolism may be adapting AKA you’re getting fitter so you no longer burn as many calories doing the same thing (which is a good thing by the way)

So what can you do to help you ditch the love handles once and for all?

Well, here you go:

Incorporate exercise that you enjoy into your day (so it doesn’t feel like ‘exercise’ AKA accidental exercise as I call it)

Be it walking



Standing up more

As well as…

Using a progressive resistance / strength promoting exercise programme that can be done in 5 – 40 minute bursts throughout the day  – as and when – to fit for YOUR busy lifestyle (you’re the boss)


A nutritional strategy that is built by you and for you to help you control your hunger, enjoy your favourite foods (so you stop craving all the foods you had to ‘give up’ like on the last diet), and STILL lose weight…

And doing all of this will:

1) Mean you are PROGRESSING with your exercise, getting fitter, more toned, and forcing the body to change shape so you can fit your clothes better

2) Burn more calories so you can lose more fat (without it feeling like a chore)

3) Mean you are not overwhelmed by how much exercise you need to do so you don’t lose motivation, drain your willpower and simply give up

4) Mean you actually enjoy eating again and develop a positive relationship with food (whilst ‘accidentally’ ‘dieting’)

Which is exactly what I teach you on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme 

^^^ I have one space available between now and Christmas…Applications for this close on Friday 9th December at 7pm

Speak soon

Matt ‘accidental dieter’ Fruci

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