Billy No Jumpers…

Was exactly the ‘panic’ for Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy this week.

It was a cold, frosty morning.

And instead of having to worry about what to eat…

When to eat…

and whether brown bread is better for you than white bread…

Billy was worrying about she was going to wear on her trip out to see a friend

Because after trying on 4 jumpers…

She realised they were all too big!

^^^ Not the worst worry to have, right?

And just as Billy will tell you herself

It’s not been easy to lose the stomach fat and tone up the bingo wings 

^^^ meaning your jumpers won’t fit anymore…and you might need a trip to Primark to buy your Christmas jumper with a snowman and a carrot on it..

But here’s 3 things YOU can do right now:

1) Stop punishing yourself – Exercise isn’t actually great for weight loss (on it’s own). So stop with the:

‘uh no, I best start running again to burn all this off’  <<< punishment 

And start saying:

‘I want to inspire myself (and others) to be the best I can be’  <<< so I can keep up with the kids and inspire my friends and family to make positive, lifestyle changes!

2)  Become your own detective – Once you get going, ASSESS. Because I can guarantee you’ve lost weight before, right?

You think you’ve got it alllllllll figured out

Then all of a sudden….

you’ve gone and put it all on again (and more)

So be vigilant.

Are you finding yourself slipping back into old habits?

Ask yourself why you’re eating this? Are you actually hungry? Is it stress? Tiredness? AND LEARN!

3) Don’t get it PERFECT, get it GOING – You CAN feel more confident in your new dress and throw away the fat clothes WITHOUT being perfect and saying:

“I’m NEVER eating pizza, carbs and Chinese chicken wings again”

And just like Billy…

You too could be worrying about what you’re going to wear when your clothes are now too big for you

^^^ Imagine that?

Ready to start your body transformation programme?

Apply here:

^^^ I’m taking on ONE new member between now and Christmas


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