The ONE thing standing in your way

So, as you may know

The clocks go back on Sunday 

Luckily for you and me…

Our iPhones (or Android if you’re unlucky), laptops, fitbits, etc. will know this 

And will automatically change.

Pretty cool, right?

It just does it 

Without you even thinking about it.

And it’s a bit like what happens when Starbucks start serving your coffee in red cups

** The Christmas wind down begins **

^^^ Yes, even in October…

So it’s no wonder that every year

You achieve less in these cold, wintery, mince-pie fuelled months than the rest of the year

Leaving you procrastinating until January 1st where you imagine life will be less hectic and free of all stress

Making it the so-called ‘perfect’ time to start your body transformation and fit into your new Christmas gear (which suddenly feel a little tighter than the label should suggest)

^^^ In my case, January definitely won’t be stress-free given I have a baby on the way… but tell me one person who lives a ‘stress-free’ life?

And it’s exactly why building a flexible diet that can be adapted to help you enjoy your Christmas, sip your vino, overeat on sprouts (if the other half is annoying you), and eat you mince pie (and obviously blame Santa…) 

Is the number one thing you can do to ensure you’re not reading the Daily Mail on January 1st

And embarking on yet another diet that will last all of 3 weeks

You see, the number 1 New Years Resolution in 2015 was weight loss

And just 8% were successful with this.


Me neither.

Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get what you’ve always got.

A restrict –>  binge relationship with food

Turning to crash diets to fit into your dress for the party

Wondering why you’re not losing weight even though you ‘generally eat well’

Blaming willpower and lack of time for failing on another diet

^^^ without considering whether the diet was actually built for you, your work commitments, your food preferences, and the fact you value time with your family and friends 

Now, I can’t promise you that it’s going to be easy

^^^ Particularly at the start when you start to learn the exact types and amounts of food and exercise that leave you with a shrunken waist line, more energy, and your watch feeling more like a bracelet (as a Fit For Life Body Transformation member put it to me this week)

But if you’re ready for ‘battle’

Ready to ramp it up (instead of jumping on the Christmas ‘wind down’ bandwagon)

And use the weapons that I give you

I can promise that you’ll be lighter, leaner and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes. 

Just like Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Charlotte) mentioned to me this week:

“weight is 67.6kg. That’s 10kg off. What’s not to like?”

Now, this is all well and good

But do you know what the best parts are?

1) The aches and pains that make everyday tasks a chore have disappeared and the physio has been cancelled (that’s the power of getting stronger and optimising your diet)

2) Charlotte still enjoys her Prosecco (and bacon)

3) And has signed up to a 50 mile cycling challenge (ask Charlotte if she’d have done that in February…)

And the only thing standing in your way?


All you need to do is give yourself permission to do this

Matt ‘red cup syndrome activist’ Fruci

PS. Want more information about what I do? Go here:

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