It could kill 10 million a year by 2050

That is…


As these superbugs become more resistant to antibiotics (perhaps due to the overuse of antibiotics…)

^^^ Making them untreatable!

We’re looking for a NEW way of dealing with the little buggers. 


Common diseases like gonorrhoea my be untreatable!


A PhD student in Melbourne may the answer…

Shu Lam believes her discovery of using chains of protein to break the wall of the bacteria

And cause it to ‘kill itself’

Groundbreaking stuff, right?

And on the topic bacteria

This weeks seminar (which Fit For Life Body Transformation members gain access to) is all about the gut, bloating, farting, poo, constipation, trigger foods and more

I reveal:

* The exact protocol I use with members on my Body Transformation programmes to identify the foods that are leaving you bloated, running to the loo, and lethargic

* How looking after your gut can boost your immune system, help you recover from the common cold, and help you do more of the things you want to do

* Why probiotics might actually be a waste of money…

* And how eating too many so-called ‘healthy’ foods may actually be the problem for you

Plus, a lot more!

To get a little bit of the action, go here: 

Speak soon,


PS. Here’s the link to the wonder women who’s killing the superbugs (well, hopefully):

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