“This toning up stuff is so easy…

“This toning up stuff is so easy

I lose weight every week

I never feel the urge to binge on chocolate

I never open the bottle of wine and end up finishing 2 (promising yourself you’ll never drink again on a Sunday morning)

And certainly never finish the tin of Quality Street (even when there’s a ton of the infamous strawberry chocolate ones left)’

^^ Said no dieter EVER. 


You blame yourself for having an “off day”, right?

For washing down the Quality Street with a bottle of vino whilst watching Strictly… 

Which is the problem right there (not Strictly, obviously)

Are you missing the ‘GOOD’ by constantly striving for the ‘PERFECT’ diet? <<

And I see this with tons of others looking to lose weight and keep it off (once and for all)

You see, a Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Rosie) said to me just last week that she had a bit of a relapse.

But rather than giving up.

Completely binging 

And throwing in the towel (adding more stress to her plate)

She clocked what she was doing.

Noticed that she’d been tired. 

Was looking after the kids and lacked sleep (I don’t think any members on my Body Transformation Programmes are fond of half terms…)

You have to accept there’s going to be ups and downs.

There’s going to be times where you’re frustrated that the weight isn’t going down

^^^ Despite getting comments from family members that you looked ‘skinny in the face’, as a body transformation member told me this week (my Nonna is a feeder and would call that ‘being ill’ / ‘not eating 17 bowls of pasta’. Whenever she says I look well, I know I’ve put on a bit of timber…)


Times where you forget that you’ve lost over a stone in weight and KEPT it off 

Don’t even feel hungry or feel like you’ve been dieting

Yet.. give yourself a hard time for feeling like you haven’t achieved anything 

As a Fit For Life Body Transformation member did this week. 

And the reason I’m saying this?

Is because I’m pretty sure that if you were talking to a friend

And they told you that they lost a stone, maintained this weight loss and didn’t even feel hungry..

You’d either ask them how they did it and congratulate them on their awesome work


Bite your tongue in envy…

^^^ We’re funny creatures, aren’t we?

We’re so hard on ourselves, right?

You could do 9 things perfectly

But what keeps you up at night?

That 1 thing you do wrong that day. 

And it’s why you have to accept that to ditch the love handles for good

It’s going to be a bumpy road.

There’s going to be many times where you feel like you want to quit

Fall off of the bandwagon


This is probably when the magic is just about to happen

^^ the clay is getting warm!!

Because consistency >>> striving for ‘perfection’ all day, every day!

And consistency is remembering that having a ‘half assed’ weekend is better than a ‘no assed’ weekend

^^^ Read that again

Because yesterday is gone.

What can you do about it?

^^^ Not much unless your names Marty McFly 

But today?

Right now

It’s all down to YOU

To once and for all…

“stop stopping”

And get back to doing the STUFF

That gives you more energy so you can stop relying on coffee to get you through the day…

That stops you questioning your fitness when you’re out of breath climbing the stairs…

And that gets you feeling more confident about the way you look in your clothes.

Which is exactly what I guarantee in my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme

So that you can lose weight and keep it off (once and for all).

Matt “half assed” Fruci

PS. Is it me or are the green chocolate triangles always left over in the Quality Street tin (and for good reason in my opinion)?

PPS. This weight loss stuff isn’t “easy”. 

YOU have to do the work. 

But…I do make it SUPER simple for you


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