Why they call me Big Brother

So, tomorrow…

Big Brother is back on your TV screens (whether you like it or not)

And I’m sure that after our daughter, Ottilie, goes down on an evening

The boss AKA Mrs Fruci

Will put a bit of this trash TV on (oh, and Love Island)

But I don’t mind at all

You see, just like you

Mrs Fruci doesn’t get much ‘me’ time

And sometimes, it’s quite relaxing to watch some rubbish on TV for 10 minutes / DO NOTHING / Catch Up / Have a laugh at rubbish on TV

^^ Life is always better when you laugh, sound cheesey, and eat cheddar a few pounds in the process…

I’ve learnt that you definitely appreciate this more after kids have entered into your life (especially after an intense, yet rewarding day finalising a few nutrition and training programmes for members on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme starting tomorrow!)

But as much as Big Brother is pretty dull

It’s not all doom and gloom

Because we’ve got our own Big Brother app (oh, and the Fruci Fit app will be available next week for members only)

that basically looks after Ottilie for us (talk about being lazy….)

It’s call Cloud Baby monitor

You set your laptop / iPad up in the nursery

It syncs with your phone

And you can see everything she’s doing from your phone

^^^ A bit like Big Brother

It will buzz when she moves and even let me put some relaxing music on to help her drift back to sleep if she wakes

Without me even moving (unless you count clicking a button as moving?)

And it’s a bit like my precision-engineered (big word) 90-Day Body Transformation programme 

^^^ where members often liken me to Big Brother (evil laugh)

Because I can see everything you eat and drink

And how you’re getting on with your homework that I set you

All through my Fruci Fit Accountability System

Which not only gives you the support you need to do the things you said you would do to get the things you say you want…

but also allows me to personalise and adapt your plan so that it fits your lifestyle

^^^ Unlike those cookie-cutter plans that work for 4 weeks…

Which guarantees SAFE and EFFECTIVE results 

And gets rid of the annoying ‘eat this’, ‘don’t eat that’, ‘spend your life working out’ gossip that the self proclaimed experts will tell you that you have to do…

This really is the blueprint to getting your body back, fitting into your favourite clothes and -dare I say it- getting some work / life balance back in the process

^^^ Including warm cuppas and shopping trips out with the ladies where you can actually shop where you like…

And you can apply for a trial to see if you’d be a good fit for my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

By going here:



I only have 3 spaces left for this opportunity

And applications close Sunday 11th June at 1930

So apply today to ensure you don’t miss out


Matt ‘Big Brother’ Fruci

PS. Even if we decide not to work together, I will give you enough tips and tricks that you can take and implement into your busy routine to change your body shape for the better.


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