Now they’re saying that snacking is good for you again? 🤔

One of the biggest barriers that ladies come to me with when trying to lose weight?

Finding the time!

It’s why we’ve become a nation of ‘snackers’. Skipping meals and picking on food when its convenenient / when we’re blooming starving, HANGRY and could eat anything and everything in sight 

^^^ Which makes the biscuits hanging around on the side even more appealing.

And I get it. Life is busier than ever. We are constantly connected. Expected to reply to emails and messages INSTANTLY.

No more dial up broadband and checking emails once a week (remember that?).

But I’ve got some good news for you.

You see, some of the ladies I work with just can’t face spending an hour or so working out.

But at the same time? If they don’t do an hour or so? They feel like there is NO point.

Well, the scientists have some good news 😱

Bevause ‘snacking’ with ‘exercise’ has been shown to help control your blood sugar levels (which may reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes), increase your energy levels (which may help you make better-informed decisions about what you eat), and lose more weight (because it’s more manageable for your busy lifestyle so you DO it. 

So, my advice to you today?

Try any of the following to break up your day each hour today:

1) pace around your office for 5 mins (maybe go to the look on a different floor)

2) do 10 squats (see what the person next to you does lol)

3) Throw  / punch your arms in the air (like you just don’t care 😉) 20 times 

Just get started.

Because 1>0….

and taking that FIRST step can be the most difficult part. 

Speak soon,

Matt ‘snacker’ Fruci
Registered Nutritionist & Female Fat Loss Coach
The 12-Week Shape Up Shift For Busy Ladies In Marlborough​​​​​​​

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