I hate surprises 🍼

Me and Mrs Fruci are off for the 20-week baby scan today. And one of the questions I keep getting asked is whether we’re going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.

In short, yes we are. I hate surprises lol 

But ultimately, whether you agree with that or not, really the only thing that matters is that its healthy, right?

And it’s the same with this weight loss and toning up stuff.

You see, when I’m chatting with the ladies I work with, some want to lose as much weight as possible now and others are happy to do it a bit more slowly if that means they can do less, spend less time worrying about what and when to eat and STILL end up lighter, fitter and slimmer even with their long working hours, selfless home life and lack of ‘me’ time…

But either way, whether it’s fast or slow, we all have one thing in common…


Because – as they say – ‘s/he who has their health has 1000 dreams. S/he who doesn’t, has just 1″

^^^ Pretty powerful, right?

My point is that I know I talk a lot about ‘losing weight quickly’ but when you look into this a little bit more deeply and ask yourself ‘why’…this is where the ‘motivation’ comes in…

✅ So you can be around longer for your friends and family

✅ Be happy with what you see in the mirror and enjoy clothes shopping again

✅ Be an example to your loved ones so you practice what you preach

✅ Prove to yourself that you CAN do this

✅ Wake up with energy and make every day tasks, like climbing stairs and shopping, easier

✅ Have the fitness levels to progress with your career 

And I’m not going to bore you with what’s ‘healthy’ to eat and why you should exercise and sleep….because you know what to do.

But what I will say is that by NOT doing these things, you are essentially saying NO to the things above and that you don’t want them. 

I’m not going to lie, I have many days where I can’t be bothered to exercise and eat right, especially if my daughter has had a rough night sleeping and kept me up lol

But then I remind myself of the example I want to set and that without my health? I’m no good to anyone…

Anyway, I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I hope you took something positive from it

and WILL give yourself permission to do something for YOU today.

^^ for some reason, it is literally the hardest thing to do…being selfish (especially for women…us men have a pretty was time doing this haha)

And speaking of being more selfish and doing something for you, I have something that you might be interested in to kickstart your health, fitness and slimming goals…

But, I’ll surprise you with this one tomorrow 😉 

Matt ‘surprise’ Fruci
Registered Nutritionist & Body Transformation Coach

PS. What I share with you tomorrow will literally take all the guesswork out of this diet and fitness stuff you can have a plan, support and accountability to get started and do something for YOU

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