Here’s what I do when I’m tired 😴

Ever have those days where your coffee needs a coffee? You’re that tired?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that sleep is important (as I know you know that already)


I’m going to give you some practical advice. Something I find helps me get me through a long day when I’m feeling tired / had broken sleep with baby (best get used to that with another on the way haha).

I call it the FruciNappacino..

Check it out below:

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After all, the science says that 3 cups of coffee per day for 3 weeks INCREASED good bacteria in the gut

^^^ Shown to boost your immune system, help you control hunger, and absorb more nutrition from food so you have more energy!
so it must be good…science 😉
The bad news?
If you struggle to sleep at night (maybe you have a ‘latte’ on your mind )…
^^^ including, but not limited to: countless emails, crying babies, snoring partners and howling dogs
You may want to:
* Limit your CAFFEINATED coffee to 3 maximum per day
* Stop drinking caffeinated coffee and tea (or eating chocolate as this contain caffeine) after 4 / 5pm!
* Try using the Headspace app for 5 mins to help you drift off to sleep and clear your mind

Because depriving yourself of sleep CAN make it even harder to shift the unwanted fat. Not just because you feel tired, become more emotional and crave sugary pick me ups to give you that ‘feel good’ hit
^^^ Which makes you blame yourself for failing
But also because you BURN calories when recovering in DEEP sleep and – well – the more hours you are asleep? The less you are awake and – hopefully – you don’t sleep eat…

Tip for you today:
Try the FruciNappacino. Even if you don’t like coffee. Try to just sitting there for ONE minute and breath, 4 seconds in and 6 seconds out.
See how you feel.
It might not work for you.
But it 100% not work for you if you don’t try it.
After all, you only get results for done.
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