Lose 7 times more weight?

You’ve probably seen it inbetween the ads for Corrie

And probably in-between your kids favourite TV show (bring back Sesame Street…kid’s were smarter then ;-))

The claims that you can lose 7 times more weight with Weight Watchers

And I know you don’t even need reminding of this

Because you’ve probably done it before

And LOST weight

That’s right

It ‘works’

And if you’ve kept the weight off

Then keep doing it

It’s obviously working for you

But if it didn’t work?

Well, why didn’t it work?

​​​Maybe you needed more accountability

Someone keeping score

^^ And I don’t mean just your body weight at 6pm after starving yourself all day

Keeping score of the things that will have you toning up and fitting your clothes better

Some fun (imagine how you’d feel if you did something fun every day. Crazy, right?)

Maybe you need to some simple, time efficient workouts that help to keep your metabolism high and tone you up?

Perhaps you need to be told the truth?

Educated on EXACTLY how you can be empowered to be in control of your own diet

Rather than relying on points and a weekly weigh in that fluctuates and either means you celebrate with a cake or commiserate with a cake…

Which is exactly what we do in Fat Loss Mastery (which will be opening up again soon)

REPLY with YES if you want to be sent over the details about our upcoming free challenge​​​​​

Matt ‘8 times more’ Fruci

PS. We’re going to be talking how to achieve more in 90 days than you do in a whole year in Fat Loss Mastery

PPS. If you want to understand why your scales are up and down more than my 11 week old baby…go HERE

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