Did you have these for breakfast today?

"They're the only breakfast biscuits proven to slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hrs, as part of a balanced breakfast."

^^^^ 'as part of a balanced breakfast'

So, what 'Dr" Belvita is telling us here is that if we eat:

"4 belVita breakfast biscuits"

+ a plain dairy product (like some yogurt or milk)

+ some fruit

+ a tea or a coffee

We will be more full than if we JUST...

Ate some dairy, fruit and a tea or a coffee...

So, Dr Belvita has concluded the following:

If we eat more...we will be more 'full up'

And I could've told you that whilst enjoying a Chinese buffet...

The more I eat, the more full up I am!

'But Matt, they're packed full of healthy wholegrains'...

And yes, they are.

But this is merely a 'buzzword'.

We know that fibre helps to keep us full up and satisfied (along with protein)...

Yet, 1 pack of Belvita biscuits will give you:

3 g fibre

4 g protein

35 g carbs

8 g fat

228 calories

And considering that protein and fibre are the nutrients that KEEP YOU FULL and STOP YOU RAIDING THE FRIDGE...

Is it really the Belvita keeping you full?

Is it that you've just eaten more?

Or is it the dairy, fruit and coffee?

Check this:

1 pot of 0% fat Greek yogurt with some blueberries and almonds gives you:

4 g fibre

22 g protein

14 g carbs

10 g fat

234 calories

So, you're getting more protein and fibre (which play a key role in keeping you full up!!)

Plus, you can make this the night before and leave it in the fridge so it's ready for when you wake.

Quick, simple, and nutritious!

And on that note, I'll share my homemade brownie recipe that provides all the fibre and protein you need to give you that 'proven slow release energy' soon....

But what I'm leading up to is this:

A 'balanced diet' assumes you know exactly what and how much to eat to keep you full and stop you snacking...

^^^ and this underpins the basis of a successful nutrition strategy that helps you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.

We often think we're doing the 'right' things.

You swap white bread for brown bread...

To get those 'healthy wholegrains'

and white potato for sweet potatoes

Yet we don't see the difference and get frustrated when we don't see our body change.

We restrict foods, limit our food choices, and feel deprived...

And 2 hours later...we've eaten 4 packs of Belvita biscuits (because they're 'healthy') PLUS a pain au chocolat...

And it's exactly why having a flexible nutrition strategy that doesn't label foods as 'greens', 'reds' and 'syns' and empowers you to understand how different types and amounts of foods impact your energy levels, sleep, mood, and bloating...

Will help you get lean, stay lean, and fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes this summer!

Speak soon,

Matt 'not sponsored by Belvita' Fruci

PS. I'm not saying Belvita are bad for you and should NEVER be eaten.

But what I am saying is that it comes down to your overall diet.

Rather than trusting the companies and taking their word for it...

I want to empower you to make better-informed decisions that get you to your goals
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