Lessons From An 8-Year Old Nutritionist

So my dad rings me.

He’s clearing out the loft of his house (our old family home)…

And there’s a load of old ‘stuff’ that’s mine.

School reports (no comment)

Pictures of me dressed as Aladdin (whilst scoffing cake)


An essay I wrote in Primary School titled:

‘Should we eat meat?’

^^^ You could say that I knew what I wanted to do from a young age…

I’d still agree with this part:

“Eating meat is good for you in some ways because it has plenty of protein and nutrition”

But I had to laugh at this bit:

“The animals are getting a longer life if we eat meat because we kill them at least until they are a cow”


Here's my full ‘blog’ as an 8-year old here (before I knew about websites and email) 

And if you want my views on this today (18 years later), go here: https://frucifit.com/whats-best-diet/

Have a great weekend,

Matt ‘talking food since 1998’ Fruci

PS. The football starts tonight for England…I might have to wear an England top with an Italy top underneath (just like I used to when I was 8-years old)…

PPS. Moral of the story...not much really changes (I'll eat my words if England actually win the tournament). So start taking action. Assess, don't guess, learn your body, and have a little look in the mirror along the way!

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