Nobody is going to do this for you

And Silk Naun-Bates is living proof of this.

An inspiration of how much our minds dictate how we look and feel (and how much we SMILE :-))

Silk lost both of her legs when hit by a Freight train at just 8 years of age.

She said:

“I was dealt a huge blow when I lost my legs – but I haven’t let it define me’

“If I want to do something and realize that I’m afraid to do it, I will do it all the more. 

Fear is nothing to hold me back, it’s more some kind of motivation.”

And she’s gone on to get married…

Learn how to walk on her hands…

And have 2 children…

Which meant she adapted by:

* Bathing her baby in a plastic tub on the floor

* Take her baby out on her lap in her wheelchair

* Carry the laundry basket on her back 

* Grip shopping bags in her teeth!

She’s living proof that that you CAN still be positive no matter what life throws at you

And that it’s your choice to come to the grips with the fact nobody is going to do it for you

Matt ‘feeling inspired’ Fruci

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