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[no motivation?] Try this

I’ll be honest,

Sometimes I do wake up and feel like I’ve got no motivation.

But when I look at “why” I have no energy aka my behaviours 

It’s no wonder.

My behaviours / my strategy was geared towards low energy and motivation.

When I skip some sleep (sometimes baby related / sometimes 100% my fault)

Or don’t write down my wins 

Aka put my attention on the things I’m doing well.

^^^ read that one again 

Because how can I feel good and

Generate more energy and motivation 

If my attention is always on “problems”

Or what I haven’t done?

So here is the shift:

You and me

Whether we know it or not

Have a strategy for feeling good 

And a strategy for feeling rubbish..

It could be the things we say 

Where we spend our time 

The beliefs we have 

And the behaviours we choose to do.

And it’s hard.

Our behaviours are often based on beliefs 

So strong that our behaviours conforms (almost subconsciously )

Which means we are fighting against our habits..

So this is where you’re going to make the biggest, lasting changes:


You see, your brain loves to connect with stories 

So a powerful, research proven way to lighten up the part of your brain that gets you motivated is to imagine 

You have already achieved your results 🔥🔥

Let’s say it’s 13th February (day before Valentines Day <<< do we still celebrate that? 😆)

Who do you want to be on that day?

You exercise “x” amount of times a week..

You’re feeling stronger and proud that you can do more and everyday tasks are easier 

You have a sense of achievement and control over what you have achieved ..

You’re in control of your meals..

Imagine you now fit the  clothes you want to wear (the jeans of truth as one of the ladies says)

^^^ because you can have all of these 

The secret?

Acting like you’ve achieve your results today!

What would that person do today?

With their food?


Because the only thing stopping you from doing it …

Is the labels you’ve attached to yourself 

(Which just so happen to be made of Velcro so you can take them off whenever you like)

“I’m lazy”

“I can’t wait for 2020 to end”

^^^ you’ve got to wait anyway so may as well fill the “wait” with behaviours that fill your energy, boost your health and make you feel good

“I have no willpower”

“I have no motivation”

So quite simply.

ACTION as if you’re someone who’s already achieved the results you want 

What would you say to yourself?

How would you talk to yourself ?

I get it.

Most people won’t touch this stuff.

But if you want to change for good?

This comes from your beliefs, labels and habits.

Which is exactly what we do in your one to one for our 28 Day Kickstart.

We are gearing up for our reopening on 3rd December at our brand new ladies only studio in Devizes

And in our ladies only studio in Marlborough 

Specifically for ladies 40+

We have limited spaces due to social distancing measures in place 

And the one to one coaching we do with you to work on your habits.

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