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“I’m good all day until 4pm”

“I have the best intentions

Start the day really well 

But then it all goes wrong..” 

I was chatting to one of the ladies on our Kickstart Programme the other day about this point exactly.

She starts the day off well.

Maybe a fast (you know, they say fasting is great for you, right?)

^^ and this could work for you by the way..

Eat a light lunch (maybe a soup)

And then BANG..

It all goes wrong from 4pm…

“I’m hungry but it’s not quite dinner yet”

And I get it.

Just yesterday, I picked the kids up from nursery and they were shattered.

As they are most days.

We usually eat together at – wait for it- 430pm 😂 

It actually coincides well with any talks or workouts in running in the evening 

And with the fact I’m often  hungry/ a bit peckish then.

But yesterday, me and Mrs Fruci had a steak night planned (so important to schedule these in or all dinner times just become about the kids…not that it’s bad, but balance 👌)

So it meant I was sitting with the kids at dinner “trying” not to eat 😂 

I’ll admit, I had a busy day

And hadn’t eaten substantially in the day.

Hunger >>> willpower 

So, what’s the lesson here?

Well, if you have a tendency to lose control in the  afternoon or evening?

And then find yourself compensating  the next morning and afternoon to make up for it..

Only to binge again in the evening…

I want to consider this to ensure you’re getting the dopamine and satisfaction from your food during the day so you don’t overcompensate later::

  1. Eat a substantial, nourishing breakfast —> get some protein in, veggies a bonus. Omelettes are great. But even something like produce, berries or yoghurt etc
  2. Eat a nourishing lunch – be sure to get protein In and plenty of fibre 
  3. Consider eating earlier or planning a small meal for that 4pm time and give yourself permission to eat it if you want. If you don’t want it, then all good.


This specific situation  about gaining control.

Not necessarily losing loads of weight today..

But it just so happens that if you nourish your body in the day with whole, nutritious foods

You might just take control of the binges and urges 

And lose weight as a result.

One last thing,

  1. Do something instead in the evening – one of the ladies who finds she binges after dinner is going to read or knit (for her granddaughters) in bed when she would normally binge. She doesn’t need the food. Life is more than food. End she related that the “comfort” eating was actually DISCOMFORT EATING 

SO nourish your body and take control 

Matt “Small habits, compound effect” Fruci