Let’s stop eating those poisonous fruit and veggies

After all…

Fruit and veggies could be CAUSING diabetes….​​​

^^^ If I were a twisted journalist looking to scare you by misintereting science to make you even more confused about what’s ‘good for me’ and what’s ‘not good for me’

But that said…

​​​What if I told you that we’re currently eating more fruit and veg than we were – on average – in the 1970s…

Yet we’re sicker, flabbier, more wobbly and have higher incidences of Type 2 diabetes than ever before?

Well, a recent report from the US Department of Agriculture showed just that

But before you go and throw away your veg box

The study also showed that we’re eating more:



*Oils and fats

*Meats and eggs

In fact, we’re eating more of just about EVERYTHING

^^^ Did you know the average size of bagel today is 24% larger than it was in the 70’s?​​​

Combine this with mo​ving less

And your jeans will just be getting that little bit tighter every year

Now, the only think we’re eating less of?


Which contradicts everything that the NASA scientists at the Daily Mail say about how milk gives you bingo wings..and even CAUSES diabetes

Moral of this story?

Stop blaming sugar

Stop blaming fat

And – of course – don’t blame your fruit and veggies

It’s your OVERALL diet that is key to toning up and fitting back into your clothes this Summer

^^^ not to mention levelling up on your energy levels and doing the things you want to do with your kids without feeling out of breath and tired

NOT that one EVIL food that the self-proclaimed nutritionists will have you believe

^^^ I’ve got an allergy to wheat. Does that mean it’s bad for you? NO!

And I’ll be showing you exactly how you can eat your favourite foods (including those leftover Easter eggs) and ditch the love handles

^^^ With the help of Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie…

By separating the FACTS from the Daily Mail GOSSIP​

Next Tuesday 9th May in our FREE live seminar at Marlborough Golf Club

But if you’d prefer to keep blaming that ONE food

Banning foods

Depriving yourself

Worrying about whether you can “eat this” or “eat that” and still lose weight

This probably isn’t for you


As I’ll be showing you just how simple this toning up game really is

Matt “don’t put your blame on me” Fruci

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