“No cake for me, I’m being good”

‘No cake for me, I’m being good’

^^^ Something we’ve all said before, right?

“So why do I only get cake when I’m being good?”

^^^ Something a kid ‘might’ (and did) ask back….

This conversation actually happened. After all, they say that your kids are your biggest teachers…

And it got me thinking about just how many day-to-day things we say and just don’t serve us and create this ‘all or nothing’ / ‘on or off’, ‘good or bad’ relationship with your food and fitness. 

After all, if you eat a slice of cake, is it the slice of cake that makes us fat..

Or is it actually that “F**k it’ mindset that leads us to eating 3 slices of cake, the crisps and biscuits on an evening when you finally slow down?

And speaking of slowing down, I just want to set you ONE task today so you can make a start with this TODAY (as I sent you 37 rules to help you become ‘Fit For Life’ with your food, fitness and focus yesterday)

✅ Write down 3 things that you did well today (do this tonight in a notepad)

See how you feel.

Over time?

This ‘may’ help you realise that you are actually doing OK and there is no need to well and truly “f**k it”…

Here’s mine from yesterday and how I recommend to structure so it you write ‘why’ it is good:

1: Exercised for 30minutes first thing in the morning before opening an email.. 

why is this good? >>> I have done something for me, I feel good about myself and this allows me to do my job better 🙂

2: Took my daughter to a toddler group

Why is this good? >>> she can socialise with other kids, it gives me an hour in a coffee shop afterwards as she falls to sleep lol, I can meet new people

3: I coached 22 ladies either in-person or online and provided them with tools to help them with their food, fitness and focus

Why is this good? >>> It makes me feel good when I see the results they get (like these here)

​​And inspires me to help you find a more sustainable approach to this weight loss and toning up stuff which isn’t so patronising and exhausting.

After all, I have to admit, getting messages and hearing stories like these simply forces me to create, write and find ways to make this weight loss stuff as simple for you as possible.

that’s it for today.

Matt ‘no cake, I’m being good today’ Fruci

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