Is dairy full of hormones?

I don’t blame you for being confused. Getting your milk can now take up to 50 times longer with the selection of, gold top, blue top, semi skimmed, skimmed, almond, oat, hemp, hazelnut, soya, …how long have you got? 😂

But one thing that – me included – was misled into thinking a few years ago was that dairy was ‘full of hormones’…

And it made me kind of anxious around foods that contained dairy. My mind somehow created this belief that I was literally poisoning my body. 

And lets say that cutting out dairy did have SOME benefit for me…I honestly think that the psychological stress of worrying about avoiding it and being super picky / having to plan around everything about food would probably of had a more negative effect my overall health…

Now, don’t get me wrong, if I drink A LOT of milk? I get a bit bloated.

But this doesn’t mean I have to cut out dairy altogether.

And before I go into the 3 points to consider about dairy (according to the science), I just want to say that you do NOT have to eat dairy to be healthy.

So, here’s 5 reasons why you may NOT want to eat dairy:

1) Ethical reasons

2) You have an allergy

3) You feel rubbish / bloated all of the time

4) you don’t like it

5) It creates a ‘rule’ which makes it easier to eat less ‘trigger’ foods like cake and ice cream 😉

Now, here’s 3 things to consider next time someone uses scaremongering tactics rather than the above:

1) Is dairy full of hormones? <<< It has some hormones in it. But this is why you have a digestive system. It does NOT effect your hormone levels. As with everything, the poison is in the dose. After all, tomatoes have methanol is them..which can kill you in large doses. Water can even kill you in large doses.

2) Will dairy help you lose weight? <<< research shows that dairy can help to keep you full up and lose more weight due to the protein AND the calcium (which appears to help your body burn more fat)

3) Dairy is bad for your bones? <<< in 80600 postmenopausal women followed for 32 years, those who had more dairy had a 6% lower risk of hip fractures…

^^^DISCLAIMER: this does NOT mean that you can grab your cape, have a glass of milk and fly…

Whether you eat dairy or not? Either way is cool.

You just have to fit this nutrition and fitness stuff to YOUR lifestyle…so you can actually do it (as nothing works unless you do it), have more energy, and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

Which is exactly what we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme by just aiming to be the best version of YOU the areas of Food, Fitness and Focus. 

And if you’re wondering what I mean by Food, Fitness and Focus?

Ive put together 37 rules to help you become ‘fit for life’ with your food, fitness and focus.


Because – in my experience working with hundreds of other ladies – if you take care of these, you’ll lose some body fat, feel fit, have more energy and being fitting back into the ‘DO NOT FIT’ suitcase for good…

Here’s the rules:

Registered Nutritionist and Body Transformation Coach
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back Without Exhausting Diets, Hype Or Spending Hours In A Gym​​​

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