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no one mentions this (to Mrs Fruci’s Frustrations…)

So one thing that grinds Mrs Fruci’s gears

Is my ability to leave stuff out..everywhere.

Oh, and my inability to shut cupboard doors. 

For example, if I make a cup of coffee..

The cupboard door with the mugs in is left open, the coffee cupboard is open and the cutlery draw is open..

I honestly don’t mean to do this and the fact I talk about this a lot (as I am now)

Is making me better at this (I think…)

But one thing I won’t change is the fact I leave my shoes by the door

And clothes on the radiator in the bathroom.


Well, it just takes a few decisions out of my day in the morning.

I don’t have to decide what I need to wear.

And I know that I just need to slip my trainers on which are by the door.

In fact, when Mrs Fruci does put my shoes away or moves my clothes…

I get a little flustered haha

Why is this relevant?

Well it makes my day easier. I have fewer decisions to make which means I rely less on willpower 

^^^ something that doesn’t end well…

Why is this relevant?

Well, I’ve been chatting to a few of the ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme

And some of the ladies just starting the December Kickstart ready for next week when we start

(reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ BTW and I’ll get you the relevant details)

Something that keeps coming up is the number of social events, 

chocolates in the office at work (I was even bought a box of Purple Quality Street yesterday <<< the best ones, of course), 

and how it’s just that bit harder to fit it all in right now..

I get it.

It’s true..

But here is something that no one ever tells you about waiting to do EVERYTHING in January…

Doing something is better than nothing  

You’re probably going to eat and drink more than normal over the next month. That’s cool. 

I am, too!

But imagine if you got a few exercise sessions done…

Even lost a few lbs before Christmas …

Burned some calories to allow some more flexibility over the Holiday period..

Got yourself into healthy habits with your exercise…

Knew exactly what exercises to do, safely and effectively. 

How to fit them into your lifestyle…

Took into account how you’re going to fit this into your lifestyle in January 

(so you don’t have to overcome the obstacles of travel / fitting it in around work << you know exactly what and when you need to do)

Were more mindful of the difference between being ‘full up’ and ‘having enough’..

My point here is that when it comes to procrastination

Us humans have a very good ability to paint a ‘perfect’ picture of the future

When it is ‘easy’..

When in reality

I’d say January is almost more difficult..

Left over Quality Street (unless you just buy the Purple ones, as in that case you’d have eaten them all…)

Dark mornings and evenings with no Christmas lights haha

Back to work..


Right now

We ‘seem’ to convince ourselves that it will be easier then?

And maybe it will be..

But something I want to challenge you to do

(and something I say to the ladies inside the programme all of the time)

Is remember that you can NEVER do it all

But you can always do ONE thing…

And considering how powerful the domino effect is..

The fact the small habits have compound effects…

And the reason why most diets fail is because we can’t stick to them..

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out what focussing on one thing at a time could do for you?

Because this isn’t about giving up your gin and tonics and waiting for the perfect moment..

This is about 


Getting the balance between food, fitness and fun…

Knowing that you always have a choice

And boosting your willpower

Comes down to routines and habits

(even if it means keeping your trainers at the door so when you come in from work you have a reminder of what you need to do…even if your other half disagrees)..

Matt ‘shutting the cupboard doors’ Fruci