‘I could never starve myself like that’

So, just last week

A member on my body transformation programme was caught “red-handed” by her friend

Drinking a banana smoothie

^^^ As well as over 1000 meal ideas and recipes in my members-only Fruci Fit Nutrition System, I also provide quick and simple smoothie ideas…as they’re flipping easy and keep you full if you use the right ingredients…

“I don’t know how you starve yourself like that?”

“I could never do that”

Her friend said…

To which she replied:

“I’m off out for a 6 course meal at Dan’s Restaurant in Marlborough later”

^^^ I’ve never actually been there and really want to try it!

You see, she was actually a little bit triggered by the comment

But here’s the thing…

She’s lost over 3 stone and is fitting back into her favourite clothes (so she doesn’t even have to buy new ones)

^^^ Whilst enjoying the subtle and bubbly charms of prosecco and 6-course meals 🙂

And although others will be happy for her

It’s human nature for others to sometimes react to you doing so well

with negative comments


Because it’s a reflection of what you’re NOT doing

And by coming up with ‘stories’

Or justifying why you ‘won’t’ do something

^^^ Notice how I didn’t say “can’t”

It makes you feel better.

At least..in the short term anyway.

But who cares about the short-term?

Who really cares if you give up sugar for a few weeks and drop 10 lbs

If you pile it back on again when you want your slice of cheesecake

^^^ That you’ll probably be craving even more…

And it’s exactly why I empower you to know exactly how much and what to eat to lose weight, keep it off and fit back into your favourite clothes so you can ditch the baggy clothes for GOOD in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme 


By working closely with you step-by-step to build a strategy that fits your busy schedule

So you can do it even on your WORST days (you know, when the hubby didn’t even do the ONE job he had to do that day…put the bins out! and you’re left picking up after everyone else at home, let alone pleasing the boss at work)

Because the best diet in the world is the one you’ll do

And if you can’t see yourself doing what you’re doing in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 2 years…

ask yourself:

Are you setting yourself up to fail?

So, if you’re ready to end the diet hopping

And committed to find the right nutrition and training strategy the fits you (rather than having to fit your life around the diet)

then you might be a good fit for my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme.

I have 4 spaces on my FREE trial and applications close on Sunday 11th June

To see if you’d be a good fit, apply here:



Helping You Get Your Body Back Without Sacrificing Your ‘Me’ Time Or Starving Yourself​​

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