The 5 Superfoods they don’t tell you about

Or bizarrely…

Tell you to avoid

To lower your cholesterol

Ditch the jelly belly

And reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes

But I’m here to show you how this toning up game is more simple than what the others will tell you

^^^ you know, the ‘gurus’ with their DNA tests showing you which foods will make you superhuman. I mean, this DNA stuff WILL be the future. But, right now, the science just doesn’t support it

Helping you get the basics nailed FIRST

So you don’t get overwhelmed

Feel deprived by the list of foods they say you CAN’T eat

And change the way you feel about food, your diet and exercise – once and for all!

Starting with these 5 foods that are just as ‘superDUPER’ as those overpriced faddy superfoods that are taking over TWO isles in the supermarkets!

1) Eggs –

Poached, fried, scrambled, boiled, or even as an omelette.

Super quick, easy and filling!

But, not too long ago we were ditching our eggs because of the cholesterol.

Well, recent research shows that eggs actually raise your GOOD cholesterol.

And given that your risk of heart disease is actually based on the ratio of your good and bad cholesterol

Eating eggs may actually reduce your risk of heart disease.

Plus, eggs are packed full of vitamins and protein

Which helps to keep you full and satisfied

^^^ So you’re not tempted by the £1 chocolate bar at the petrol station on the way home after a long, stressful day…

2. Popcorn –

Did you know that it has pretty much the same nutrition as
the so-called “superfood”, oats?

Try the natural bags of popcorn (around 97% corn)

Or pop your own in some butter or 1 kcal fry spray

And top with sea salt for a quick, satisfying snack

Great to have handy for when you’re busy, on the go, and haven’t done your grocery shop…

3. White Potatoes –

Yep, I said ‘white’ potatoes

Not sweet potatoes.

I’ve been there

Thinking that swapping white potatoes for sweet potatoes will help me lose fat

But, did you know that white potatoes are one of the most filling foods you can eat and can help to stop you snacking?

Try making some homemade oven chips to go with some meat and veggies for a tasty, filling, and nutrient rich meal.


And that potato salad you thought you had to ditch at the BBQ?

That can stay 🙂

4. Chocolate –

If you know me well

You’ll know that I love chocolate

Be it as a cocoa drink with squirty cream

Or to go with my creamy coffee I have after lunch


One of the most common things I hear from others?

“I need to give up chocolate”

But here’s the thing

What if giving it up just makes you crave it more?

And what if I told you that dark chocolate is now being researched to fight fatigue?

Now – of course – you can overeat chocolate (just like you can overeat pretty much anything)

And this is something I show you how to overcome in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

But, what if I told you that having an American and a Bounty every day instead of just a caramel latte

would have ZERO difference on your weight loss?

5. Dairy –

The calcium and high quality protein in dairy products, like milk, yogurt, cheese,  and GELATO

Have been shown to help you get that toned look.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for low-fat or high-fat

Because it’s all I the context of a well-formulated nutritional and training strategy fit for your lifestyle

So you enjoy it

Spend less time worrying about what and when to eat

What to get for the rest of the family

And more time – dare I say it – having fun

Doing the things you enjoy with your kids and family

And getting your ME time back

All whilst tucking in to that smooth, rich, and creamy chocolate ice cream

And actually ENJOYING clothes shopping with the ladies again

Matt ‘Chief SuperFood Investigator at NASA’ Fruci

Fruci Fit

Nutrition and Training Strategies For Busy Mums With Little Time – That Work!

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