Matt vs Frogs In a Pond: Recipe

So there you have it

How Gina and Barry

Went from zero to hero

And how you can get 2 of your 5 a day

with this super simple

Dessert recipe

That could curb your sweet tooth

Without having to hide the wrappers

^^^ Because we all love Freddo’s, right? <<< “They were 10p my day”.


You may need to tell your kids that:

1) Drinking dirty pond water is NOT a good idea

2) The frogs you see in a pond probably shouldn’t be eaten  (unless you’re on holiday and in a restaurant)

3) Jelly in your belly makes your feet go smelly

Once you’ve done this

You can go ahead and make this delicious

Mrs Fruci-approved

Frogs In A Pond Dessert

Matt ‘Jelly in your belly” Fruci

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