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Nearly 4 years later (Cassie)


So nearly 4 years after Cassie in to our ladies only session in Marlborough 

In her mobility scooter and here is what Cassie posted on Wednesday:

“So this happened today (referring to the 10k run in the picture Cassie had just done)

Less than 4 years ago I was travelling to training with Matt on a mobility scooter because I couldn’t walk 50m unaided.

Ladies we can do ANYTHING! Be patient with yourselves and celebrate the little wins.”

Super inspiring…

As Cassie says:

“we can do ANYTHING! Be patient with yourselves and celebrate the little wins”

You can read (and watch) more about Cassie’s story here (although I now need to change the post from running 5k to 10k now she has doubled that haha):

But you know what?

There is a HUGE lesson here.

Because often we feel we need confidence or motivation to do something…

It is almost engrained in our heads..

But what if confidence and motivation come from DOING?

^^^ And you just now believe that  to be true

What would be different for you?

How would your day to day be different?

If you just decided that confidence and motivation came from DOING.

^^ Because this is no less true than believing the opposite.

So what do you need to believe to get the results that you want? 

With your relationship with food?

Freeing yourself from the comfort eating?

Overcoming the comforting thought that you are not fit enough to exercise (which stops you getting the benefits from the exercise)? 

And I get it..

I really do..

Facebook memories popped up the other day from 4 or 5 years ago with an email I shared about winning the:

“British Bakels Best Postgraduate Nutrition Student”

And the thing is with this, is I remember during this time thinking how amazing it was but at the same time

Scared of my next steps…

Because what I had done in the past got me this far…

To get more confidence and motivation 

I had to do more

Which was scary…

And looking back helped me reinforce what I could do..

But the real confidence and motivation came from DOING..

And seeing ladies, just like Cassie, achieve such transformational results,

Whether that is with their relationship with food

Their mobility 

Or dropping a few dress sizes…

Seeing the difference it can make..

Means if I don’t have the confidence or motivation to do this..

I am saying ‘no’ to helping more people.

Which you could say

Is selfish, right?

So what belief do you need to  believe to do the things you know you need to do and get the results you want?