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“I need to cut down on wine”

So, I probably have this chat once a week with someone on our 28 Day Kickstart Programme…

And before I go into this..

I always stress that you do NOT have to give up alcohol, bread, snacks, biscuits or crisps to get the results you want.

Sure, you have to make compromises….

But this isn’t a conversation about depriving yourself of it..

Rather, this is a conversation about what you are depriving yourself of by having it..

And how much YOU need to be happily satisfied…

Consider this:

How many days do you want to drink per week?

How many drinks do you want to have?

What are the benefits of having the second drink over and beyond the first drink?

What are the costs of drinking?

^^ this could be: Monetary, energy, sleep, health etc.

I say this, as in the conversation we had the other day,

I mentioned that I love a nice gin and tonic,

I also enjoy whiskey..

And red wine..

But I rarely have it..

Because I deprive myself of what makes me happy tomorrow…

From doing what I do everyday, helping hundreds of ladies transform their relationship with food and get fit…

To being more productive so I can spend more time with the kids..

To having the energy and motivation to exercise and be fit and strong…

These are amazing feelings..

And the benefits of this outweigh the drinking FOR ME…

But after yesterday’s video I did on Facebook

I wanted to share it with you where I delve into some strategies to help you with this habit..

But only IF you want to change it, remember..

And on that note, this isn’t an all or nothing thing..

It is not the speed of change that counts, but the direction. 

And before I share the video / podcast,

Here are some of the comments from the ladies that may help:

“If I have a glass of wine all my resolve and good intentions go out the window so I only allow myself alcohol on one day per week (my treat day). Now I find I don’t even think about alcohol on the other days because I’ve allowed for it, even when I see my husband glugging away, it doesn’t bother me. I know I can have it on Sunday. I used to drink at least half a bottle every evening. Now I feel so much better, more energy, better sleep, the benefits are far greater than the hit the wine gives me. That’s what works for me!”


“Hi Matt, interesting concept to crack persistent habits. Here’s what I did to tackle less wine. I don’t tend to drink through the week but now and again you just feel like a glass, but once the bottle is open my willpower would often (almost always) go back and top up a few times and before you know it the bottle has gone. I buy the very small bottles, for such occasions, open and enjoy the wine but there is something within me that makes me stop and think before a second little bottle is opened. Not for everyone I know but it works for me. I am now able to open a normal bottle and only have one glass from it!”



I go into more detail on this on my Facebook page 

Youtube Page 

Or if you prefer to listen?

Check out the podcast below:



What is your biggest take home from this?

Matt ‘one more?’ Fruci