My unorthodox sentence to myself…

Did you hear about the guy in Hawaii who was ordered by a judge to write 144 compliments about his ex-girlfriend, in response to the 144 "nasty" text messages and calls that he was accused of sending her?

And it reminded of something that I thought I'd share with you today.

You see, although I preach a certain 'exercise' to all of the ladies using my Tone Up System...I don't always do it myself. 

Sometimes I forget. Sometimes bambino is having a meltdown and I don't have time. Sometimes I just don't feel up for it. 

But when I don't do it?

I notice myself feeling a bit 'meh' <<< which is the scientific term for 'feeling down'. 

The 'exercise' I'm talking about?

Starting your day by writing down 3 things you did WELL yesterday. 

^^^ Not 144, don't worry.

It could be anything. You spent more time with your family and had FUN which made you feel good. Did a workout which helped you feel better about yourself and gave you more energy. Nourished your body with good food which will help with improving your body shape, toning up and being more productive with your day, 

Can I challenge you to do this?

Just try it today and see how you feel. How you then respond to your loved ones, emails? See how it impacts your food choices? Makes you slow down? Be more present and in the moment. 

Can I challenge you to 'sentence' yourself to reminding yourself of 3 things you do well every day?

After all, your brain is NOT designed to make you feel good. It's designed to look for danger and stress <<< this is how we survived so long.

So it is our responsibility to remind ourselves of how well we ARE doing. 

To give you the confidence to have the courage to do the things you need to do to level up your energy, tone up, and feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

Just as I show you in my Super Simple Tone Up System

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