‘fat mother of the bride’, thyroid, & carrots

“The doctor just told me to stop eating parsnips and carrots”

^^^ That was what one of the ladies using my Fit For Life Body Transformation told me yesterday after she said she’d tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World but still couldn’t lose weight…

I get that a doctor only has a few minutes, but to be honest? It’s pretty 💩 advice, don’t you think?

I’ve literally never heard of carrots and parsnips being the reason why you can’t lose weight…

I mean, yes, you can eat too much of anything. But I can guarantee that it’s not the carrots and parsnips.

And if you’re worrying about having too many carrots and parsnips on your diet?

You might need a new diet…because life is way to short for that. I personally don’t want to be waiting until I’m on my death bed to have some ‘fattening’ carrot and parsnip soup LOL

Anyway, that’s where I like to think I come in. By making it simple. Giving you the flexibility to eat the foods you love WITHOUT feeling guilty / anxious at social events and on holiday (whilst still feeling better about yourself)


2 reasons:

1) Most of the ladies that come to me don’t have the time to be counting every single calorie from day one…and already feel overwhelmed with all the information out there

2) When I say you “can’t” have something, it almost makes you want it more 

Now, I’m not saying what I do is easy. But what I do think is that when it’s simple and fit for your lifestyle? You’re more likely to stick to it, even when life is busy, the sun is out (which means the cider is out) and you’re ‘having a life’ LOL

Just like Jackie has done:

“At 51, I was feeling fat,unhealthy and had no energy. I was also faced with being ‘the mother of the bride’ and didn’t want to be ‘the fat mother of the bride!’. I joined Matt’s plan nervously after feeling deflated after diet groups and not being able to stick with them. Matt immediately puts you at ease!

He takes care of you as ‘a whole’. Food,fitness and focus. The food part is easy to fit into every day life and there is access to hundreds of recipes.

Matt has made fitness fun. His classes are for everyone,whatever you can or can’t do. And it’s easy to fit 5 or 10 mins exercise into your day at home.

To be able to focus for 5 mins on yourself each day helps you to relax.

Within 2 weeks,I had lost 11lbs. At 4 weeks,I had lost 3 and half inches from my waist. 2 and a half from my hips.

An inch from my bust and an inch off each thigh!! And Matt is always there to answer any questions. I’m looking forward to seeing more results in the future. I’m feeling more confident about myself.

Stronger and higher energy levels!! Only wish I’d found Matt earlier!!”

Want to try a different approach to this weight loss and fitness stuff?

I have a 7-day trial starting TOMORROW…

Apply here:



PS. I cannot say that you will get the same results. All I can say is that these results are beginning to become quite a trend, which makes me really excited about what we’re doing.

If you want to try it for yourself, check it out below:


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